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120m/min Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line Tested before Delivery

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120m/min Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line Tested

On June 18,2023, the production line for round drip irrigation pipe is tested. The production line speed is up to 120m/min, dripper distance 30cm, with a fully auto Coiler. This line is exported to Korea market.


The Round Drip irrigation pipe machine is independently developed by KAIDE company, with high highest speed and stable performance.

Used to produce Round Drip irrigation pipe, with pipe diameter: 12mm,16mm,20mm ,thickness 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, Dripper distance 10cm- 60cm.

Dripper sorting & conveying system adopted centrifugal screening device for drippers screening & sequence. With below advantages,:

High precision screening. Dripper identifying speed 600pcs/min which ensure the precise dripper supply during high speed production.

Servo Type Dripper Conveying System, for stable conveying and inserting.

Punching system adopted mechanical Servo punching mode, automatically tracking the pipe production speed, guaranteed the accuracy of punching position, 2 or 4 or 6 Holes punching,  Punching speed: 600pcs/min.

The synchronous control is realized from dripper feeding, screening & sequence, conveying & inlaid, haul off, to punching and coiling, which ensures the precise control and stable running of high speed production.

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