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Plastic Pipe Winding Machine

  • QDSJ-1200 Fully Automatic Pipe Coiler | Automatic Pipe Winder | PE-RT Pipe Winder
    This automatic pipe coiler is mainly used to coil the PE pipe, PE-RT pipe, PE-Xb pipe, oxygen barrier EVOH pipe at high line speed such as 40m/min-80m/min, it is fully automatic type, no need operator to do the job of reel changing and coil unloading. KAIDE is the earliest manufacturer in China, who start to research and develop automatic coiler, this coiler has been sold to many pipe factories, such as +GF+ Georg Fischer,ERA pipe group, Junxing Pipe Group, Rifeng Pipe Group, VESAN Pipe Group, Chinaust, RH Pipe factory, etc. The automatic coiler still adopts servo traversing system and PLC intelligent control; It can realize a series of intelligent operations, such as automatic pipe accumulating, automatic coil cutting and new coil changing, automatic brake etc,
  • SGJ-1000A Double Station Pipe Winder | 16mm-32mm Pipe Coiler
    The Pipe Winding Machine is used to coil the pipe, such as PE, PE-RT, PEX, Drip Irrigation Pipe,PERT-AL-PERT Pipe, etc, the pipe diameter range is usually 16mm to 32mm, line speed is 15m/min-60m/min, this pipe winder was equipped with ultrasonic dancer to adjust the coil speed automatically, the traversing unit adopts Siemens servo motor driven,which can make the final coils in well displacement and neat. The winder is controlled by separate Siemens PLC Control system, The coiling pipe length and the current pipe length can be displayed on the screen on real time, which is intelligent and convenient operation.
  • SGJ-1700 HDPE Pipe Winder | 20mm-63mm Pipe Coiler
    This SGJ-1700 Pipe Winding Machine is designed for 20mm-63mm HDPE Pipe production line. It can be manufactured as double working position, also can be manufactured as single position for saving cost,the line speed can be customized, with range of 10m/min-60m/min. The Siemens Servo Traversing unit was installed on this coiler, and roll length can be setted on the display screen, the coiled length will be 300M-100M, the coiler roll ID and width can be customized design and adjusted flexible.
  • SGJ2500 40mm-110mm HDPE Pipe Winder | Servo Pipe Coiler
    The 40mm-110mm HDPE Pipe winding machine, is used to coil the HDPE pipe, the final roll OD range from 1100mm-2500mm, and the coil reel is equipped with electrics motor for automatic roll ID shrinkage function, the reel disc is driven by torque motor, the coiling speed can be adjusted by torque button. The traversing unit is driven by Siemens Servo motor, for well-arranged final coils, pipe end sensor and pipe end press unit were all equipped for this HDPE pipe coiler, the final coil length range from 50M to 200M.
  • SGJ-600 4mm-16mm Pipe Winder | Double Station Winder
    This Double Station Coiler is designed for smaller diameter pipe, such as RO water purifying pipe, Juice Straw Pipe, Medical tube, PA Nylon pipe, TPU pipe, etc, which is pipe diameter range from 4mm to 16mm. The servo traversing unit is equipped on this coiler, also the tension controller dancer is equipped for automatic coiling speed adjustment. It adopts Siemens PLC control system, all the parameter such as coil length, coiling speed, traverser position are displayed on the PLC screen. The electrics components are using famous brand, such as scheider, ABB Brand,autnoics sensor, SICK encoder etc, to ensure the stable running performance and convenient maintenance in hte future.
  • ZDSJ-200 Flat Drip Irrigation Tape Winder | Automatic Winding Machine
    This flat drip irrigation tape coiler is used to coil the drip irrigtaion tape diameter from 12mm to 22mm, which has the function of automatic coil, automatic cutting, automatic reel change, this coiler is specially designed for high speed drip irrigation tape line with speed 150m/min-300m/min, it is controlled by Siemens PLC control system, all the parameter such as coil speed, coil current length, total coil length, traversing position, etc can be displayed on the touch screen, easy to operate, also equipped with dancer system to adjust the speed automatically.

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