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Automobile Pipe Production Line

  • High Speed PA Nylon Pipe Production Line| PA Nylon Pipe Making Machine
    PA nylon pipe production line adopts single-screw extruder which is specially designed according to the processing characteristics of PA materials to extrude PA raw materials. It effectively improves the output of the extruder and the plasticizing effect. Features:
    -The extrusion line runs stably.
    -Computer integrated control which is easy to operate
    -The product dimensional accuracy can be controlled within 0.05mm, and the PA pipe surface is bright.
    -It is widely used as oil pipe, oil return pipe and vacuum pipe of many well-known automobile brands.
    -Suitable for PA11/PA12.
  • Oxygen Barrier EVOH PA Nylon Pipe Production Line| PA Nylon Pipe Extrusion Line
    This oxygen barrier pipe production line is used to produce 5 layer Polyamide PA oxygen barrier automobile fuel tubes. The inner and outer layer is PA 12 material, then two bonding layer, and middle EVOH oxygen barrier layer.
    This multilayer PA fuel tubes are mady by co-extrusion technology, with 5 sets of extruders. EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol) materials are windely used in automotive applications in multi-layer fule lines owing to their excellent barrier properties to aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. These barrier materials are essential to limit environmental fuel emissions and comply with the challenging requirements of fast changing internationak regulations.
  • High Speed TPV/TPU/TPE Coating PA Nylon Pipe Production Line
    The high-speed PA nylon coated pipe production line is used to produce PA pipes coated with raw materials such as TPEE TPV TPU etc.
    Machine adopts company leading multi-layer co-extrusion technology is used for one-step molding. During high-speed production,the material melt can not only maintain a stable flow state , but also reduce the energy consumption of the equipment, and the product precision is high.
    ——Available for pipe size:Ø8-18mm
    ——Producing speed:15-35m/min
    ——Main control: PLC integrated control system, intelligent and easy to learn.

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