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Oxygen Barrier EVOH Pipe Production Line

Oxygen Barrier pipe production line including three layers or five layers EVOH/PE-RT Pipe machine, EVOH/PE-XB Pipe Machine, EVOH/PE-Xa Pipe Production Line, EVOH/PB Pipe Production Line, EVOH/PE Pipe Production Line,etc is used for producing the pipe from diameter 6mm to 63mm, the produced pipes are mainly applied in the fields of hot/cold water transportation, drink water supply chains, floor heating system, etc. The EVOH pipe has the layers of oxygen barrier, which have the good performance of oxygen barrier, to prevent the the oxygen inside to the inner tube, breeding bacteria and moss. 

  • Seven Layers Oil Transportation Pipe Production Line | HDPE Petrol Pipe Making Machine
    Pipe production line is used to make multi-layer HDPE petrol pipe for gasoline petrol station underground pipeline system. Pipe structure is pipe in pipe, double wall type. Primary pipe is a five layer HDPE EVOH pipe, and secondary pipe is a two layer HDPE pipe.
    The Petrol Pipe System is the most compact, advanced and installer friendly single and double-wall piping system. The secondary contained pipes have been developed to provide extra environmental safety. By applying an secondary pipe over the inner primary pipe, an interstitial space is created. A leak detection system can then be used to monitor the interstitial space for leaks.
  • Oxygen Barrier EVOH PEXB Pipe Production Line| EVOH PE-XB Pipe Machine
    This oxygen barrier pipe production line is used to produce 3 layer type PEX/EVOH oxygen barrier pipes. The line speed is up to 30m/min with top technology.
    PEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene. Technically refere to as a silane process, but is more often called steam or moisture cross-linking. The cross-link is done after the HDPE is extruded into tube. The put finished product in hot steam container, and keep warm for certain time.
    The PEX pipes with oxygen barrier is are co-extruded with 3 extruder, for that three different layer materials, inner PEX, middle adhesive, and outer oxygen barrier.
    External coating of oxygen barrier PEX pipe effectively prevents diffustion of oxygen molecules into the water through walls of the pipe. This feature prevents corrosion of cast iron components in the water system, and allows using it in hot water hydronic heating applications, including baseboard, radiator he ating, fan coils, radiant floor heating and snow melting applications.
  • Oxygen Barrier EVOH PERT Pipe Production Line| EVOH PE-RT Pipe Machine
    Those multilayer EVOH oxygen barrier pipe production line are used to produce 5 layer or 3 layer type PERT/EVOH oxygen barrier pipes. There are several speed models for your option, the highest speed is up to 50m/min.
    The PERT pipes with oxygen barrier are designed for underfloor heating system. They are co-extruded with 3 or 5 layers of material, giving it significant strength. For 3-layer oxygen barrier pipe structure is inner PERT, middle adhesive, and outer oxygen barrier. For 5 layer oxygen barrier pipe structure is inner PERT, adhesive, oxygen barrier layer, and outer PERT layer.
    With all advantages of PERT pipes, this floor heating pipe can effectively prevent oxygen permeating into the heating system, and thereby eliminate bacteria growth inside the pipes to ensure clean water and better sanitation, as well as protect the metal parts in the sytem from oxidization to ensure a much longer service life.
  • Oxygen Barrier EVOH PEXA Pipe Production Line| EVOH PEXA Pipe Machine
    This oxygen barrier pipe production machine is used to produce 3 layer type PEXa/EVOH oxygen barrier pipes. The line speed is up to 20m/min.
    Unlike like oxygen barrier pipes,which are made by co-extrusion technology. The PEXa oxygen barrier pipes are produced with two separate steps. Firstly the inner PEXa pipes is made by Ram extruder, the oldest extrusion technology, known as ENGEL extrusion technology. Then coated with outer oxygen barrier layer, which is done by coextrusion techlogy.
  • Oxgen Barrier EVOH PB Pipe Production Line|EVOH-PB Pipe Machine
    This oxygen barrier pipe production line are used to produce 3 or 5 layer type Polybutylene PB/EVOH oxygen barrier pipes.
    Polybutylene pipe, also known as PB or Poly-B pipe, features a great flexibility and is a common type of plastic piping which is suitable for hot and cold water and central heating installations as a flexible alternative to copper in both hard and soft water areas. Polybutylene pipe is lightweight and flexible, and its soft material is especially handy for long runs, as it's very easy to bend.
    Oxygen Barrier is a layer of special polymer, abbreviated EVOH, which is typically applied to the external surface or in the middle of the PB pipe. The EVOH oxygen barrier layer protects the PB tubing from the diffusion of oxygen molecules into the water of the radiant heating or hydronic heating system and significantly reduces the corrosion of common cast iron components such as circulator pumps.
  • Oxygen Barrier EVOH PA Nylon Pipe Production Line| PA Nylon Pipe Extrusion Line
    This oxygen barrier pipe production line is used to produce 5 layer Polyamide PA oxygen barrier automobile fuel tubes. The inner and outer layer is PA 12 material, then two bonding layer, and middle EVOH oxygen barrier layer.
    This multilayer PA fuel tubes are mady by co-extrusion technology, with 5 sets of extruders. EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol) materials are windely used in automotive applications in multi-layer fule lines owing to their excellent barrier properties to aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. These barrier materials are essential to limit environmental fuel emissions and comply with the challenging requirements of fast changing internationak regulations.

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