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Oxgen Barrier EVOH PB Pipe Production Line|EVOH-PB Pipe Machine

This oxygen barrier pipe production line are used to produce 3 or 5 layer type Polybutylene PB/EVOH oxygen barrier pipes.
Polybutylene pipe, also known as PB or Poly-B pipe, features a great flexibility and is a common type of plastic piping which is suitable for hot and cold water and central heating installations as a flexible alternative to copper in both hard and soft water areas. Polybutylene pipe is lightweight and flexible, and its soft material is especially handy for long runs, as it's very easy to bend.
Oxygen Barrier is a layer of special polymer, abbreviated EVOH, which is typically applied to the external surface or in the middle of the PB pipe. The EVOH oxygen barrier layer protects the PB tubing from the diffusion of oxygen molecules into the water of the radiant heating or hydronic heating system and significantly reduces the corrosion of common cast iron components such as circulator pumps.


Product Description

Polybutylene PB Oxygen Barrier Pipe Making Machine.

Below pipe making machine is used to produce 3 or 5 layer PB oxygen barrier pipes. The PB barrier pipe has an EVOH barrier layer within the pipe wall. This prevents permeation of oxygen through the tubing.

The mixing valves, boilers and other components used in underfloor and centra heating systems are ferrous (metallic) and are subject yo corrosion. To eliminate corrosion due to oxygen permeation, PB oxygen barrier pipe should be used for underfloor heating.

 PB evoh oxygen barrier pipe making machine

Technical Date:

Line Model Screw Diameter Production Scope Production Speed
KDPBEV-65 (3 layer) 65/30/30mm 16-32mm 12m/min
KDPBEV-65 (5 layer) 65/30/30/30mm 16-32mm 12m/min

PB Oxygen Barrier Pipe Features:

PB barrier pipe

1) Excellent long-term life span
PB pipe is a high tensile strength and high resistance to tear and abrasion resistance, heat resistance, durable so that it is excellent plumbing materials with long-term life span.

2)Excellent corrosion resistance
Build in oxygen barrier layer, can effectively prevenet oxygen to permeating into the heating system, and thereby eliminate bacteria growth inside the pipes, and also provent corresion of metal parts in the heating system.

3)Heat & pressure-resisting Creep
PB pipe has the strong modulus of elasticity of products so that it is excellent resistant to cold and heat and Creep which is influencing the life of product is superior to other resins.

4)Light and Flexible
PB pipe is good for light and bending which makes easy to deliver and operate within a narrow space.

5)Easy workability
PB pipe can greatly contribute to the reduction of construction time with a PUSH-FIT plumbing system, which can be easily without tools.

oxygen barrier pipe production line    multilayer extrusion die head

Design Features of Pipe Making Machine

1) five layer  and three layer co-extrusion die head is special designed for PB EVOH pipe making. The die head structure is optimized as per PB material features based on KAIDE matured EVOH extrusion technology.

The extrusion pressure is more stable, and each layer thickness distribution is quite even.

2) servo type blade cutting machine can cut the soft PB pipes fastly, with nice and smooth cutting surface.

servo motor choose SIEMENS brand, to ensure the quality.

Cutting length is set directly on the controller.

3) pipe coiler using advanced servo traversing unit, which can coil the pipe in good order. The coiler is controlled by separate PLC control system, which can set pipe OD, coiling pitch, line speed etc directly. 

and also with auto tension dancer, which can auto matically adjust the coiling speed as per line speed. 

4) whole line controlled by SIEMENS PLC programmable system, with sync control and close loop control. What's more, a remote control system is also equipped, which can help to solve the problem by internet if any there.

Pipe cutting machine  pipe winding machine

Other type of multi-layer oxygen barrier pipe production lines are also aviable, like 5 layer PERT/EVOH pipes line, 3 layer PEX/EVOH pipe line, PA/EVOH automobile fuel tube line, and PEXa/EVOH pipe line etc.

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