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Other Pipe Production Line

  • PVC Fiber Reinfoced Hose Production Line| Soft PVC Pipe Extrusion Line
    PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose Production Line/PVC Fiber Garden Hose Making Machine
    Pipe producing scope: 8-50mm PVC fiber reinforced hose, PVC fiber reinforced hose also named as PVC net hose.
    Pipe structure: 3 layer, outer and inner layer are soft pvc hose, middle layer is Terylene fiber network.
    Pipe Application: Those kind of hoses have good chemical and physical property. It's mainly used for the transportation of high pressure or corrosive gas, and is widely used in the machinery; coal mine, oil, chemical, agriculture irrigation, garden hose etc.
  • PVC/PE/PA Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line | Single Wall Corrugated Tube Machine
    PVC/PE/PA single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line
    Raw material: PVC, PE, PA pellets
    Producing scope: 12-50mm
    Available producing speed:12-25mm/min
    Corrugated forming device: Vacuum forming or normal forming
    The produced Single Wall Corrugated Pipes application: widely used as Electical Conduit Pipe, Washing Machine Drainage Pipe, Kitchen Sink Pipe, Wire Cable Management Pipe, Medical Pipe etc.
    It’s also can be used as steel wire threading pipe or electrical sheating pipes, water pipe sheating pipes.
  • Medical Tube Production Line | Medical pipe making machine
    Below pipe making machine, pipe extrusion line, is to make small diameter PVC medical tube, like 2mm or 4mm etc. Produced pipe sizes are very precise. To meet high quality pipe quality requirement, the gravimetric material doser and laser diameter gauges are equipped. The doser is closed loop controlled with the extruder speed, it will auto feed the material as per extruder rotation speed, to guarantee the stability of pipe weight per meter.
  • Seven Layers Oil Transportation Pipe Production Line | HDPE Petrol Pipe Making Machine
    Pipe production line is used to make multi-layer HDPE petrol pipe for gasoline petrol station underground pipeline system. Pipe structure is pipe in pipe, double wall type. Primary pipe is a five layer HDPE EVOH pipe, and secondary pipe is a two layer HDPE pipe.
    The Petrol Pipe System is the most compact, advanced and installer friendly single and double-wall piping system. The secondary contained pipes have been developed to provide extra environmental safety. By applying an secondary pipe over the inner primary pipe, an interstitial space is created. A leak detection system can then be used to monitor the interstitial space for leaks.
  • Multi-Layers PERTII Pipe Production Line| PERTII Pipe Making Machine
    Below Pipe Production line is used to make big diameter PERT type two heating pipe, single layer type or two layer type. Machine configuration and extruder capacity will be choose and equipped as per produced PERT pipe diameter range.
    Two layer co-extrusion technology is also provided. By using two layer technology, the inner and outer layer PERT material can be difference, to reduce production cost.
    Gravimetric material dosing system can be added also, to control feeding material as per line speed, the control system is closed loop controlled with extruder speed.

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