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Seven Layers Oil Transportation Pipe Production Line | HDPE Petrol Pipe Making Machine

Pipe production line is used to make multi-layer HDPE petrol pipe for gasoline petrol station underground pipeline system. Pipe structure is pipe in pipe, double wall type. Primary pipe is a five layer HDPE EVOH pipe, and secondary pipe is a two layer HDPE pipe.
The Petrol Pipe System is the most compact, advanced and installer friendly single and double-wall piping system. The secondary contained pipes have been developed to provide extra environmental safety. By applying an secondary pipe over the inner primary pipe, an interstitial space is created. A leak detection system can then be used to monitor the interstitial space for leaks.
  • KDSYG-110


Product Description

Double Wall HDPE Pertol Pipe Making Machine 


Below pipe extrusion machine is used to produce double wall petrol pipe system, primary pipe and secondary containment pipe.

Firstly one pipe production line is to extrude that primary pipe, with a five layer structure (HDPE ADHESIVE+EVOH+ADHESIVE+HDPE). Five extruders and one five layer coextrusion die head are equipped.

Then outer secondary pipe production line is to add to produce that out secondary containment pipe. The outer pipe is two layer layer structure also.

 HDPE EVOH petrol oil pipe making machine


Line Model Screw Diameter/LD Ratio Production Scope Output
KDSYD-110 75mm;    36:1 63-110mm 650KGS/H

petrol oil pipe

Producuded Pipe in Pipe Sizes:

No. Pipe Size
1 40/32mm
2 63/50mm
4 110/90mm
5 125/110mm

HDPE Petrol Pipe

Features of Pipe Production Line:


1) 5 layer HDPE/EVOH pipe machine and 2 layer PE co-extrusion machine are combined together for this speical oil pipe making, based on the technology accumulation of thousand of multi-layer pipe extrusion technology. It have achieve the sync control and stable reliable performance.


2) High efficiency extruder with special designed five section screw & barrel ensures the rapid material dispersion and stable extrusion at high speed.


3) Unique five layer/two layer co-extrusion technology makes melt material maintain a stable flow to obtain good quality; and more innovative technology is adopted to reduce mold cavity pressure, to reduce that machine energy consumption.


4)  Primary pipe extruder, secondary containment pipe extruder and haul-off machine are sync controlled by PLC system, achieving that zero-error communication between machines. One touch type speed changing function eliminate many operating obstacles, which has greatly reduced that unqualified pipe rate compared with other similar products.


5) SIEMENS PLC system to realize many intelligent operations, such as multi-machine linkage, separate machine control, fault diagnosis, remote control etc. At same time, advanced on line monitoring and control technologies, such as servo tracking technology, static digital filter technology, etc., are used to ensure plasticizing quality and produced pipe accuracy under high speed extrusion.



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