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Telecommunication Pipe Production Line

Telecommunication pipe production line series including 3mm-20mm Micorudct production line, 32mm-90mm HDPE Duct Pipe Production Line, Microduct Bundles Production Line, Microduct jacketed pipe production line, etc. The produced pipes are mainly applied in the filed of telecommunication, optical fiber transportation, government public works construction, electrics wire, Ftth optical fiber inlet, etc. The line speed of mircoduct production line can reach to 200m/min, the speed of microduct bundles can reach the speed to 35m/min, the microduct bundles in 2 ways, 4ways, 7 ways, 12 ways, 19 ways, 24 ways, etc. 

  • Micorduct Production Line|Microduct Extrusion Line| HDPE Silicone Core Duct Machine
    Weifang KAIDE plastics machinery Co.,Ltd is the first manufacturer of microduct pipe production line in China. The produced HDPE microduct silicon core pipes are widely used in Telecom industry:in the fields of outdoor communication cable, optical fibre pipeline system, public information networks, television network, expressway and railway communication projects.
    HDPE Microduct pipe machine are using 2 extruders: one for extruding HDPE layer, the other for extruding composite HDPE& silicon core layer.
    Pipe structure: 2-layer composite HDPE pipe: inner layer: HDPE , outer: HDPE silicone core. Pipe size: 5-20mm. Max. Producing speed:120m/min.
  • Microduct Bundle Production Line | Microduct Sheath Production Machine
    HDPE micro-duct bundles extrusion line is combining one or more micro ducts in a certain arrangement order and coats them together into one tube with outer sheating layer.
    According to the inner tubes different combination mode, machine can be devided as: DB, DI microduct bundles extrusion line, link-duct bundles extrusion line, and flat-duct bundles extrusion line.
    The thick walled microducts also can be called DB microduct bundles line, inner pipes can be grouped as 1way to 24+1 way. Link/Flat duct bundles making machine group ducts 1 way to 7 ways. Inner tube diameter of 5-20mm.
    The produced microduct bundles are widely used in global communication fields such as fiber to the home(FTTH), FTTx, etc. Bundles should be done underground or on existing infrastructure. The bundles achieve to place more communication tubes in a limited space, which can solve the problem of limited space in cities or suburbs to the greatest extent.
  • 32mm-90mm HDPE Duct Production Machine | PLB Duct Extrusion Line
    2 high efficient extruders are equipped for PLB HDPE ducts production line, one for extruding outer HDPE layer, the other for extruding inner coated silicon layer. KAIDE is the China only company who can produce PLB duct in high line speed with diameter 20-90mm, while 32/28mm, 40/33mm, 50/42mm is more popular in the market.
    PLB ducts are widely used as protective sheating for communication cables because of the inner silicon layer has the effect of permanent lubrication.
    When optical fiber cables or communication cables are installed by pulling or blowing techniques into the plb duct, the silicone coating ensures permanent lubrication & low co-efficient of friction. Thereby, the surface of the communication/optical fiber can be protected from mechanical damage when entering or pulling into the PLB duct.
  • COD Microduct Bundles Production Line | COD Microduct Sheath Making Machine
    COD cable protection pipe making machine is used to produce spiral and corrugaed coated sub-ducts. COD pipe structure: inner with low-friction HDPE microduct, outer coated with corrugated pipes. This pipe bears high pressure, easy curving, and with light quality, so Convenient construction and is the ideal cables duct.
    The COD pipe is widely used as wire and cable passing pipe underground for the bridge and streat building system.
    Machine with high efficient extruders and co-extrusion technology to one-step forming the COD pipes, pipe inner or outer surface is smooth and with high qualified.

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