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Micorduct Production Line|Microduct Extrusion Line| HDPE Silicone Core Duct Machine

Weifang KAIDE plastics machinery Co.,Ltd is the first manufacturer of microduct pipe production line in China. The produced HDPE microduct silicon core pipes are widely used in Telecom industry:in the fields of outdoor communication cable, optical fibre pipeline system, public information networks, television network, expressway and railway communication projects.
HDPE Microduct pipe machine are using 2 extruders: one for extruding HDPE layer, the other for extruding composite HDPE& silicon core layer.
Pipe structure: 2-layer composite HDPE pipe: inner layer: HDPE , outer: HDPE silicone core. Pipe size: 5-20mm. Max. Producing speed:120m/min.
  • KD-GX


  • KD-GX-01

Product Description

2 high efficient extruders are equipped for HDPE microduct pipe production line. One for extruding HDPE layer, the other for extruding silicon core layer. Using own-patented multi-layer co-extrusion technology to produce HDPE silicon core pipes. The screw and barrel are designed by KAIDE technical team according to the raw material's processing properties, nitriding thickness 0.5-0.7mm.

Technical Data

No. Model Screw diameter L/D ratio Producing speed Norminal Power Producing scope




20m/min 95KW Ø5-20mm
2 KD-GX-02



60m/min 110KW Ø5-20mm
3 KD-GX-03



80m/min 130KW Ø5-20mm
4 KD-GX-04



120m/min 180KW Ø5-20mm

The HDPE Microduct extrusion line includes:


High speed HDPE extruder


High speed extruder for silicon core layer




Color-masterbatch feeding unit


Co-extrusion die head 


Extruding tools


Vacuum Calibrating Cooling Tank 


Water Cooling Tank 


Laser Measuring Instrument 


Servo haul-off machine


Pipe accumulator


Pipe cutter


Automatic pipe coiler

14) Siemens PLC programmable computer control system

Features of the PE silicon core micro-duct pipe extrusion line:


microduct pipe extruder

1)2 high efficient Extruders are equipped, specially designed for HDPE layer and Silicon core layer. The Screw adopts our own designed newest structure of five-zone type for high effective plasticizing, which efficiently improve the materials plasticizing & mixing effect,and save raw materials.

2)Screw and barrel adopt high quality alloy steel, and treated by nitriding, polishing, and honing,with long serving life.

3)Equipped with high efficient ceramic heaters and powerful cooling fans, effectively balance the melt temperature in screw and barrel, ensure the melts inside with great plasticizing effect.

4)Extruders are intergrated controlled by PLC computer control system, sync control with the downstream equippment. 

Co-extrusion die head

1)The HDPE micro-duct extrusion line is adopting high quality mold steel as the die head raw material. Special surface treatment to extend the die head’s serving time.

2)The die head is designed and developed by our-own technical team. Adopting own-patented multi-layer composite co-extrusion technology, combined with imported high-precision CNC processing machines, the die head and extruding tools are with high precision, and can produce pipe diameters of 5-20mm.

3)The reasonable die head structure avoids heat accumulation during high-speed production and ensures the smooth surface and tube embryo is uniform when it’s extruded.



1)Gravimeter control system is a kind of closed-loop control system with extruder. It controlled by integrated PLC moulds with the whole production line. 

2)Gravimeter is equipped with imported weighting sensor from Switzerland and imported SMC pneumatic component from Japan. Make sure the pipe weight per meter is stable and ensure the pipe is with high quality in high speed producing process.

3)The gravimeter can save 2-6% raw materials, meanwhile increase production capacity. Ensure there's lower raw material waste when Micro-duct extruding machine start up.

Vacuum tank and cooling tank

HDPE silicon duct making machine

1) Special vacuum tank structure for high speed PE silicon core microduct pipe production line

2) Vacuum pressure can be monitored in real time.

3)The unique vacuum cooling system ensures that the pipe is shaped and cooled during high-speed production while saving space in the workshop for customers.

4)Automatic water input&drainage system for HDPE Silicon Duct Machine.

Automatic pipe winding machine

microduct pipe coiler

1)Automatic pipe coiler with double working position, auto pipe coiling, auto reel changing, servo travsering unit.

2) Special automatic pipe coiler is designed for High-Speed micro-duct extruion line, Max.speed: 120m/min.


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