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Irrigation Pipe Production Line

Irrigation pipe production line series including flat drip irrigation tape machine, round drip irrigation pipe production line, GR irrigation pipe production line, PE irrigation pipe production line etc, the machine is used to producing irrigation pipe diameter from 8mm to 22mm, the produced pipes are mainly applied in the fields of farm land irrigation, greenhouse, fruit tree irrigation, etc. The line speed for flat drip irrigation tape production line can reach to 300m/min, the line speed for round drip irrigation pipe machine can reach to 100m/min, for PE pipe production, the line speed can reach up to 60m/min. 

  • Flat Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line| Drip Irrigation Tape Extrusion Line
    The flat drip irrigation tape production line is used to produce drip irrigation tape, with thickness 0.15mm-1.1mm, pipe diameter16mm, 20mm,22mm, this dripper sorter of this drip irrigation pipe production line can adapt various dripper type, such as AAS, DRTS, Nano etc. This drip irrigation tape line includes dripper sorter and conveying system, cross type die head moulds, high efficient extruder, vacuum tank, cooling tank, drip irrigation tape and holes punching system, automatic coiler,etc. The production line speed can reach up to 250m/min for 16x0.2mm, with driper space 300mm. This drip irrigation tape production line has exported to many countries, such as Iran, Uzbekistan, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, Korea, etc.
  • PE Irrigation Pipe Production Line|Plain Irrigation PE Pipe Machine
    This PE Irrigation Pipe Production line is used to produce PE pipe for irrigation main pipe line, pipe diameter is from 12mm to 110mm, with series of SDR5, SDR11, SDR17,SDR21, SDR26,SDR33. The stable line speed models 15m/min, 35m/min, 50m/min, The whole production line includes high efficient extruder, High Speed die head, Specialized calibrator, Vacuum Calibration tank, cooling tank, stable haul-off machine, and pipe winding machine. After some modification of this pipe production line, it also can produce three layers composite HDPE and LDPE pipe, middle layer with recycled raw materials, for saving production cost.
  • Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line|Drip Irrigation Pipe Extrusion Line
    This pipe production line is used to produce drip irrigation pipes, with round dripper inside. Production speed is 50m/min and 100m/min for 16mm drip pipe at 30cm dripper space. The drip irrigation pipe diameter range is 12mm, 16mm,20mm, the pipe thickness range is 0.5mm-1.5mm. The final manufactured drip irrigation pipe is applied in the fields of green house, fruit tree, cotton irrigation,etc. KAIDE has produce hundreds of lines for domestic and overseas customers, with rich experience to manufacture this drip irrigation pipe machine. The dripper space can be flxible adjusted from 10cm to 100cm, and the line is easy operation, controlled with intelligent Siemens PLC Control system.

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