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Aluminum Plastics Pipe Production Line

Aluminum Plastics pipe production line including five layers pert-al-pert Pipe Production line,  pex-al-pex pipe production line, ppr-al-ppr pipe production line, pe-al-pe pipe production line, the machine is used to produce five layers composite aluminum-plastics pipe. The produced pipes are mainly applied in the fields of hot/cold water transportation, floor heating system, drinking water supply, gas transportation system,etc, Pipe diameter from 16mm to 110mm. The five layers aluminum-plastics pipe also has the function of oxygen barrier and high strength performance, to prevent the oxygen get into the inner layer of the pipe, to breeding bateria and moss, which can guarantee the water healthy and clean . 

  • PPR-AL-PPR Pipe Production Line | PPR AL PPR Pipe Machine
    The PPR-AL-PPR multi-layer composite pipe production line is used to produce 5-layer PPR aluminum-plastic pipes with a diameter of 16-63mm. The produced PPR aluminum pipes are widely applied in potable water pipeline systems which are hygienic and non-toxic. The PPR-AL-PPR pipe combines the rigidity of metal with the flexibility and pressure resistance of plastic. Pipes can afford either high pressure or high temperature -40℃-95℃. The outer PPR layer of the PPR-AL-PPR pipe production line is thicker than the inner PPRlayer, so the output of the outer layer extruder of PPR is larger than the inner layer.
  • PEXB-AL-PEXB Pipe Production Line| pexb al pexb pipe making machine
    Pexb al pexb pipe making machine is used to produce 5-layer overlap welding pex al pex composite pipes. Pipe diameter:½“,5/8”,¾“,1”,1-1/4“ or bigger up to 2-1/2”。Pipe producing process:Al strip uncoiling-inner glue and plastic layer extruding- outer glue and plastic layer extruding- pipecooling device- pipe coiling device. The produce multi-layer composite al-pexb pipes are mainly used as underfloor heating pipes in floor heating system.
    The thin layer of aluminum in PEX-AL-PEX tubing acts as an oxygen barrier, preventing oxygen in the air from penetrating the system and rusting cast iron system components.
  • PERT-AL-PERT Pipe Production Line|Pert Al Pipe Making Machine
    The ultrasonic overlap welding PERT-AL-PERT pipe production line is used to produce 5-layer overlap welding PERT-AL-PERT pipes. The multi-layer co-extrusion technology of KAIDE company makes the distribution of each layer of the aluminum-plastic pipe uniform and the finished pipe has good roundness. The equipment can be designed to produce different color pipes according to customers' different pipe application. The size of the pipe that can be produced: 16-63mm. Multi-layer composite co-extrusion technology is the key point that we have been the leading member in this industry since the 19th century.
  • PE-AL-PE Pipe Production Line| Gas PE AL PE Pipe Making Machine
    Weifang KAIDE plastics machinery Co.,Ltd-PE-AL-PE aluminum-plastic pipe production line is used to produce PE-AL-PE pipes for gas transportation. Pipe structure: PE inner layer-Adhestive-Thin wall thickness Aluminum layer-Adhestive-PE outer layer. Generally, customers are asking for pipe size 16-63mm, and aluminum layer thickness is 0.15-0.6mm. Using high-precision aluminum tube forming moulds and imported stable welders ensure that PE-AL-PE pipes are produced in a precise and stable welding environment. PE-AL-PE pipe machine stable producing speed 15m/min.

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