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PPR-AL-PPR Pipe Production Line | PPR AL PPR Pipe Machine

The PPR-AL-PPR multi-layer composite pipe production line is used to produce 5-layer PPR aluminum-plastic pipes with a diameter of 16-63mm. The produced PPR aluminum pipes are widely applied in potable water pipeline systems which are hygienic and non-toxic. The PPR-AL-PPR pipe combines the rigidity of metal with the flexibility and pressure resistance of plastic. Pipes can afford either high pressure or high temperature -40℃-95℃. The outer PPR layer of the PPR-AL-PPR pipe production line is thicker than the inner PPRlayer, so the output of the outer layer extruder of PPR is larger than the inner layer.
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Product Description

PPR-AL-PPR pipe production line is with 4 extruders for extruding inner&outer PPR pipe layers, inner&outer layers adhestive layers independently. The machine is using stable imported ultrasonic welder, which ensure the PPR-AL-PPR pipes can be produced in stable welding condition. The produced PPR-AL-PPR pipes are widely used in potable water supply system.

PPR-AL-PPR aluminum pipe dimensions:

Pipe OD(mm) Pipe Thickness(mm) Inner PPR layer thickness(mm) Outer PPR layer thickness(mm) Aluminum Tape thickness(mm)

Min. Max.

20 3.00 3.40 0.90 1.70 0.25
25 3.25 3.65 1.00 1.80 0.30
32 4.00 4.50 1.10 2.10 0.35
40 5.00 5.60 1.50 2.60 0.40
50 5.50 6.10 1.80 3.00 0.50
63 7.00 7.80 2.40 3.80 0.60

Machine features:

Inner 3-layer co-extrusion die head

PPR-AL-PPR pipe making machine

1)Inner 3 layer co-extrusion die head is for extruding inner PPR layer+inner adhestive layer+ Aluminum tube.

2)Mature co-extrusion and altrasonic welding technique integrated with a completely automatic control system.

3)Using Stable imported Ultrasonic Welder, which ensure the PE-AL-PE pipes can be produced in stable welding condition.

4)One-step realizes the co-extrusion of inner plastic layer and the aluminum layer. The Min aluminum strip thickness is 0.15-0.3mm, the production speed is 15m/min.

Outer 2 layers co-extrusion die head


1)The inner and outer pipes adopt a step-by-step co-extrusion process, which improves the bonding strength between the pipes,

2)avoids heat accumulation between the pipes, and ensures smoother surfaces of the inner and outer pipes.

PPR-AL-PPR pipe cutting device:

1)Flying knife cutting machine is used when pipe diameter≤32mm.

2)Siemens servo motor driving, response rapid , it can really realize the fast cutting of small diameter pipes.

3)Different specifications and sizes, equipped with special guide sleeves

4))When customers produce 4m or 6m long straight pipes, they can achieve (cutting) accuracy with an error of ≤1mm. The signal transmission is fast, the response is sensitive, and it can really realize the fast cutting of small diameter pipes.


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