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Kaide was the birthplace of the first high-speed plastic pipe production line in China!
Since the establishment in 2001, the company has always focused on the development and manufacturing of high speed and multi-layer plastic pipe production line, and is the creator and keeper of high speed small diameter pipes production technology in China. By 2023, our stable production speed of ordinary hard pipe has reached 200m/min.
As the leader of top level technology in the domestic industry, we have effectively promoted the rapid progress and leapfrog development of industry technology. In the more than twenty years, We went forward bravely, reflect the advantages in the competition, recognized by customers and industry colleagues in the competition, and continue to grow in the competition.

We always adhere to the "pay attention to every detail" product manufacturing concept, from the beginning of design to the final delivery, adhere to the "whole process tracking record" production process management, the use of world-renowned processing equipment, testing equipment and instruments, strict implementation of testing standards, to ensure that the pass rate of our products reached 100%. The company now has MAZAK , OKUMA ,TAKISAWAR, KAFO, LITZ and other turning and milling center, five-axis gantry CNC process center, etc.


Our registered trademark "KAIDEMAC" has been registered and approved in more than 10 countries in major economies around the world. No matter where you are from in the world, if you find us, you will be surprised to find that we are creating new value for you!

Now, KAIDE's Pipe Line Series Involves

The machinery have been exported to many countries, such as: Denmark, Romania, Finland, South Africa, Russia, USA, Korea, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, Morocco, Ukraine, Mexico, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, etc,which has gained high reputation from the customers.

KAIDE's Professional R&D team, are continuously concentrating on optimizing of the technology to keep the leading position. The Whole process of machine manufacturing is under high quality control. From raw material purchasing, to components manufacturing, then to test running of the line, each point we have strict quality standard, to make sure that the high quality machine delivered to the customer; We cooperate with well-known electrics Brandsuch as: ABB, Siemens, Schneider,Flender, Nord, Autonics, SMC,Delta,ORMON,Eurotherm,PAKER, etc.

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was established in 2001 year, has more than 20 years' experience of plastics pipe extrusion machinery




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