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RO Water Purifer LDPE Pipe Production Line| RO Tube Making Machine

LLDPE water purifier tube extrusion line adopts LLDPE as the raw material to produce reverse osmosis(RO) LLDPE tubes. Because of the features of non-toxic, tasteless and odorless, it's widely used in water treatment industry, and is the most common type of tubing used in water filtraion industry.
LLDPE tube is usually relatively small in size, but it is not relatively easy to be manufactured because of the small size. KAIDE company can provide complete extrusion equipment due to our riched small diameter pipe machinery manufacturering experience over 20 years.
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Product Description

The produced LLDPE pipe or RO tubes are usually requiring strict dimension tolerances to meet assembly needs and pressure test. KAIDE company adheres to supply professional extrusion line for  LLDPE RO tube making machine. So, besides ensure the finished LLDPE pipe size requirement, we also has put a lot of effort in mold design and testing.

RO tube pipe size:

Diameter(Inch) Diameter(mm) Thickness(mm)







Main parameter of the RO tube extrusion line:

Machine model Screw L/D ratio Producing speed Producing scope
KD-RO-01 45mm 30:1 15m/min 6-12mm
KD-RO-02 50mm 33:1 20m/min 6-12mm
KD-RO-03 65mm 33:1 30m/mmin 6-12mm

Main features of the machine:


LDPE Water purifier tube making machine

Driven by high quality AC motor, with ABB brand frequency converter; Stable Branded Gearbox, SIEMENS PLC module, and Schneider electric elements etc. 

Vacuum &Cooling system

LDPE RO tube making machine

High quality brushed SS304 material, without problem of rust and cracking paint.  

Winding machine

RO tube extrusion line

1) DOUBLE Siemens Servo Traversing unit, for high accuracy and well-arranged pipe displacement;

2)Siemens PLC System separate control, easy to operate;

3)Tension controller is equipped for winding speed adjust;

4)Autonics Pipe end sensor installed;

5)Bottom wheel installed for easy movement.


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