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PEXB-AL-PEXB Pipe Production Line| pexb al pexb pipe making machine

Pexb al pexb pipe making machine is used to produce 5-layer overlap welding pex al pex composite pipes. Pipe diameter:½“,5/8”,¾“,1”,1-1/4“ or bigger up to 2-1/2”。Pipe producing process:Al strip uncoiling-inner glue and plastic layer extruding- outer glue and plastic layer extruding- pipecooling device- pipe coiling device. The produce multi-layer composite al-pexb pipes are mainly used as underfloor heating pipes in floor heating system.
The thin layer of aluminum in PEX-AL-PEX tubing acts as an oxygen barrier, preventing oxygen in the air from penetrating the system and rusting cast iron system components.
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Product Description

The PEXb AL PEXb multi-layer pipe making machine adopts our unique pipe composite technology to combine plastic and metal. Available for producing pipes with diameter 5/8“-2-1/2”(16-63mm), producing speed 15m/min. The produced pexb al pex pipe combines the strength of the metal pipe and the durability of the plastic, and has a high heat resistance temperature, -40℃ -95℃, can withstand 110 ℃ in a short time.

Technical Data

Line Model Screw Diameter L/D Production Scope Production speed  Norminal Power
KD-LS-PEXB-1 Ø45/45 25/25:1 16-32mm 8m/min 56KW
KD-LS-PEXB-2 Ø65/45 30/25:1 16-32mm 15m/min 102KW
KD-LS-PEXB-3 Ø65/45 30/25:1 20-63mm 8m/min 88KW

The pexb-al-pexb pipe production line includes:


Aluminum Foil Uncoiler device


Aluminum Foil Accumulator device


Ultrasonic Aluminum Foil connecting welder


Aluminum pipe forming device


Ultrasonic Welder for Aluminum pipe forming

(6) Inner pexb pipe extruder
(7) Outer pexb pipe extruder
(8) Inner adhesive layer extruder
(9) Outer adhestive layer extruder
(10) Inner 3 layer co-extrusion die head&moulds
(11) Outer layer co-extrusion die head&moulds
(12) Water cooling flume
(13) Pipe haul-off machine
(14) Pipe cutter
(15) Pipe winding machine

Siemens PLC control System

Aluminum pipe forming device:

1. pexb-al-pex pipe machine

(1)PEXb-AL-PEXb pipe machine adopts high precision aluminum tube forming technology

(2)The ultrasonic welding aluminum tube has precise dimensions and good roundness.

(3) All the Al tube forming tools are produced by our own imported high precision CNC machinery.

Extruder&Co-extrusion die head

1.PEX-AL-PEX pipe machine extruder

(1) High efficient extruder equipped, which is special designed for high speed PEXb AL PEXb pipe making.

(2) Screw and barrel are independently developed and designed by KAIDE technical team, according to the performance and technology of the processed pexb materials, with nitriding thickness 0.5mm-0.7mm.

(3)Own-patented multi-layer co-extrusion die head technology, each layer thickness can be adjusted freely.

(4)The unique screw structure design avoids the pre-crosslinking of the PE-Xb material in the barrel, and the finished PEXb-AL-PEXb pipe surface is smooth and look nice.

Automatic PEX-AL-PEX pipe coiler

1. PEX-AL-PEX pipe winding machine

(1) The coiler adopts Siemens (Siemens) touch screen operation interface, intelligent operation, simple and easy to learn;

(2) Parameters such as coiling length, coiling diameter, tension value, and reel origin can be set online, and the current coiling length and wiring can be displayed in real time Location, etc.

(3) It can realize remote control function

(4) The control system support multiple languages, and local language versions can be added according to the actual needs of customers

(5) Including Autonics brand sensor for Broken pipe detection. When the sensor detects the end of the pipe, it sends a signal to the PLC control system, and the reel automatically stops.

(6) The adjustment scale of reel width and inner diameter of reel, laser marking, convenient, intuitive and fast adjustment.

PLC controlling system

PEX-AL-PEX pipe machine PLC control system

(1)Synchronous control of Extruder and the downstream equipment, such like gravimeter system, haul-off machine, etc.

(2)Intelligent and easy to learn for operator. Kinds of information such as temperature, electricity, melting pressure, can be showed on screen. 

(3)Alarm reminder. Programmable amd settable alarming and protection function at all levels.

(4)Remote control system for machine fault analysis and problem solving.


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