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32mm-90mm HDPE Duct Production Machine | PLB Duct Extrusion Line

2 high efficient extruders are equipped for PLB HDPE ducts production line, one for extruding outer HDPE layer, the other for extruding inner coated silicon layer. KAIDE is the China only company who can produce PLB duct in high line speed with diameter 20-90mm, while 32/28mm, 40/33mm, 50/42mm is more popular in the market.
PLB ducts are widely used as protective sheating for communication cables because of the inner silicon layer has the effect of permanent lubrication.
When optical fiber cables or communication cables are installed by pulling or blowing techniques into the plb duct, the silicone coating ensures permanent lubrication & low co-efficient of friction. Thereby, the surface of the communication/optical fiber can be protected from mechanical damage when entering or pulling into the PLB duct.
  • KD-PLB


  • KD-PLB-01

Product Description

The Optical Fibre Cables used for Telecommunications being very delicate and sensitive, it became necessary to modify the HDPE Pipes to be used as conduits for optical fibre cables. HDPE PLB duct is a modernized choice for most of the urban or city plant who has limited spaces. HDPE PLB duct extrusion line is the machine for producing HDPE PLB ducts.  

Machine component:

No. Machine component

HDPE extruder


Silicon extruder


Marker line extruder




Co-extrusion die head


High speed calibrator


Vaccum tank and cooling tank


Haul off machine

Pipe cutter

Automatic pipe coiler

Technical Data:

No. Model Main screw L/D ratio Producing scope Producing speed


65 33:1 20-90mm 8m/min
2) KD-PLB-02 60 36:1 20-90mm 20m/min
3) KD-PLB-03 75 36:1 20-90mm 30m/min
4) KD-PLB-04 75 36:1 20-90mm 40m/min

Feature of the HDPE PLB duct extrusion line:

Extruders for HDPE and silicon layer:

HDPE PLB DUCT pipe machine

1) Main and auxiliary extruders are specially designed according to HDPE or silicon material processing properties.

Main extruder screw adopts our own designed newest structure of five-zone type for high effective plasticizing, which efficiently improve the materials plasticizing & mixing effect,and save raw materials;

The barrel is equipped with high-efficiency ceramic heaters and powerful cooling fan to effectively balance the melt temperature inside even during high-speed production.

3) Auxiliary machinery for extruding silicon layer. Feeding seat is with Circulating water cooling, which can prevent the material blocking in the feed mouth.
4) PLC programmable computer control all the machine running parameters: Main/Auxiliary extruder’s current, rpm, each heating zone temp., melt pressure/temp, etc. Extruders are sync controlling with gravimeter and other downstream devices.
5) Marking line extruder can be equipped according customer's requirement.
6) The whole production line is intelligent, and easy to learn for workers.

Co-extrusion die head


1)High precision Co-extrusion die head structure, which’s made of high-quality mold steel and imported high-precision equipment.

2) Suitable for producing pipes with dia: 20-90mm

3)Extruding tools can be ribbed or smooth surface according requirement.

4) A rope can be inserted while extruding process.

Automatic pipe coiler

HDPE PLB duct pipe making machine

1)It can coil pipes with a diameter of 20-90mm, double stations, wide application range and high work efficiency.

2)Servo traversing unit arrange pipes neatly and cleanly, and the inner diameter of the reel is adjustable according customer's needs.

3)PLC computer control screen operation is convenient for working with the entire production line.


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