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Microduct Bundle Production Line | Microduct Sheath Production Machine

HDPE micro-duct bundles extrusion line is combining one or more micro ducts in a certain arrangement order and coats them together into one tube with outer sheating layer.
According to the inner tubes different combination mode, machine can be devided as: DB, DI microduct bundles extrusion line, link-duct bundles extrusion line, and flat-duct bundles extrusion line.
The thick walled microducts also can be called DB microduct bundles line, inner pipes can be grouped as 1way to 24+1 way. Link/Flat duct bundles making machine group ducts 1 way to 7 ways. Inner tube diameter of 5-20mm.
The produced microduct bundles are widely used in global communication fields such as fiber to the home(FTTH), FTTx, etc. Bundles should be done underground or on existing infrastructure. The bundles achieve to place more communication tubes in a limited space, which can solve the problem of limited space in cities or suburbs to the greatest extent.
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Product Description

Micro duct assembly & sheating pipe making machine is tailored according to the inner duct numbers. High efficient extruder equipped for extruding the outer sheating layer. Our extruder is with own-patented screw and barrel, which can not only improve the extruding capacity, but also saving power. Currently, our machine’s power consumption is 20-30% lower than similar machine.

Duct bundles sheating type:

No Inner duct OD(mm) sheating type
DB DI Flat Link
1 5mm

2 7mm 1——24+1way
2-7way 2-9way
3 8mm

4 10mm 1-7 way 1-7way 2-7way 2-7way
5 12mm 1-7 way 1-7way 2-7way 2-7way
6 14mm 1-7 way
2-7way 2-7way
7 16mm 1-7 way
2-7way 2-7way
8 18mm 1-7 way
2-7way 2-7way
9 20mm 1-7 way
2-7way 2-7way

micro-duct bundles

HDPE microduct bundles extrusion line including:

No. Machine composition

Duct PE Pipe Uncoiler


High Efficient PE Pipe Extruder


Micro Duct Bundles Shaping Device


PE Jacket Pipe Cross Type Design Die Head


Cooling Tank 


Haul-off Machine


Gantry Type Pipe Coiler


PLC Computer Control System

Features of the Micro-duct bundles extrusion line:

micro-duct bundles extrusion line

1)Specially designed die head moulds according to the numbers of tube bundles. 

2) Reasonable uncoiler layout according to numbers of tube bundles .

3) Stable performance haul-off machine,equipped with 8 air cylinder.

Micro duct bundle prodution line


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