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PVC Fiber Reinfoced Hose Production Line| Soft PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose Production Line/PVC Fiber Garden Hose Making Machine
Pipe producing scope: 8-50mm PVC fiber reinforced hose, PVC fiber reinforced hose also named as PVC net hose.
Pipe structure: 3 layer, outer and inner layer are soft pvc hose, middle layer is Terylene fiber network.
Pipe Application: Those kind of hoses have good chemical and physical property. It's mainly used for the transportation of high pressure or corrosive gas, and is widely used in the machinery; coal mine, oil, chemical, agriculture irrigation, garden hose etc.


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Product Description

PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose Machine Extrusion Production Line is available for producing PVC braided hoses with diameter 8-50mm.

PVC fiber reinforced hose also named PVC network tube, commonly known as plastic snakeskin tube, transparent, portable, with high tensile strength, and good resistance to high pressure, hardening and erosion, beautiful looks, and nontoxicin foodstuffs and sanitation lines.

Process Flow of Pipe Production Line:

PVC granule material feeding → Extruder→Inner layer die head→ Cooling tank→Tractor→Fiber braiding machine→heating oven→Extruder→Outer layer die head→Cooling tank→Tractor→Pipe coiler

Machine configuration:

1) Extruders
2) Cooling tank
3) Die head
4) Haul-off machine
5) Fiber braiding machine
6) Heating oven
7) Drier
8) Pipe winder

Features of the production line:

PVC fiber reinforced pipe production line

1) special designed screw and barrel for PVC material, ensuring plasticizing quality and produce pipe transparency.

2) special designed extrusion die head controls each layer separately, with even thickness; and each layer thickness can be adjusted freely.

3) fiber braiding machine are controlled by frequency regulator for even winding and high speed.

4) automatic coiler to ensure regular and beautiful coiling of pipe.


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