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Multi-Layers PERTII Pipe Production Line| PERTII Pipe Making Machine

Below Pipe Production line is used to make big diameter PERT type two heating pipe, single layer type or two layer type. Machine configuration and extruder capacity will be choose and equipped as per produced PERT pipe diameter range.
Two layer co-extrusion technology is also provided. By using two layer technology, the inner and outer layer PERT material can be difference, to reduce production cost.
Gravimetric material dosing system can be added also, to control feeding material as per line speed, the control system is closed loop controlled with extruder speed.
  • KDRT-II 63/500


Product Description

Big Diameter PERT Type Two Pipe Production Line

PERT II pipe can maximize performance of the pressure-resistance , chemical-resistance, durability, corrosion-resistance and much higher thermal-resistance based on various production-diameters, big diameter up to 500mm.

PERT Type II Pipes have been recently developed for improvement of high-temperature and resistivity more than PERT to use in application areas such as underfloor heating and radiator connections. PERT II can be the best solution for industrial applications, where its temperature resistance may limit traditional Polyethylene / PERT and metallic materials often suffer from corrosion.

pert type two pipe making machine

Technical Data:

Line Model Screw Diameter Production Scope Production Speed
KDRT II-63 60mm 20-63mm 35m/min
KDRT II-63 B 60/50mm 20-63mm 35m/min
KDRT II-250 60/65mm 75-250mm 450kg/h
KDRT II-315 75/60mm 110-315mm 650kg/h
KDRT II-500 75/60mm 315-500mm 850kg/h

pert type two pipe

Design Feature of Pipe Production Line

pert type two pipe production line vacuum tank of PERT pipe production line

1)Special designed high efficiency extruders are adopted. The main purpose of extruder design is to ensure high speed plasticization and also obtain suitable melting state and melt pressure while extruding PE-RT II raw material with higher molecular weight feature.


2) Adjustable multi-layer co-extrusion die head is specially designed with patent. Intelligent temperature control type spiral runner further strengthen the plasticizing effect of raw material, and ensure that each layer maintain most suitable melt temperature and pressure, which make PE-RT II material easily controlled while extruding.

3) In view of thicker wall of produced pipes, special cooling technology is developed to cool down inner and outer of pipe at the same time, which greatly shorten pipe cooling and calibrating time, increase production efficiency.

4) The manufactured PE-RT II pipes have very smooth surface, which make the heating fluid medium get a higher fluid index, not make any block or re-pollution. It’s ideal pipes for heating supply network.

5) Adopted Siemens PLC system to realize many intelligent operations, such as multi machine linkage, separate machine control, fault diagnosis, remote control etc. At same time, advanced online monitoring and control technologies, such as servo tracking technology, static digital filter technology, etc., are used to ensure plasticizing quality and produced pipe accuracy at high speed extrusion.

haul-off machine for PERT pipe extrusion line  pipe cutting machine

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