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Medical Tube Production Line | Medical pipe making machine

Below pipe making machine, pipe extrusion line, is to make small diameter PVC medical tube, like 2mm or 4mm etc. Produced pipe sizes are very precise. To meet high quality pipe quality requirement, the gravimetric material doser and laser diameter gauges are equipped. The doser is closed loop controlled with the extruder speed, it will auto feed the material as per extruder rotation speed, to guarantee the stability of pipe weight per meter.
  • KDYD-30/45/50


Product Description

Medical Tube Making Machine

Below tube production line is used to produce high precision PVC medical tubes. The tube can be single layer or two layer as per requirements.

 PVC medical tube production line


Technical Data:


Line Model Production Scope Tolerance Screw Diameter Nominal Power
Production Speed
KDYD-30 0.2-1.5mm +/-0.03mm 30mm 12KW 50m/min
KDYD-45 1.5-8.0mm +/-0.05mm 45mm 21KW 60m/min
KDYD-50 6.0-16mm +/-0.05mm 50mm 45KW 100m/min

 pvc medical tube

 Design Feature of Pipe Production Line:


1) All the materials manufacturing for the medical tube machine, which possibly contact the tube raw materials, are stricktly confirms  to medical level standards to ensure the cleanliness of produced medical tube.


2) Self-developed moulds adopts special moulds steel, matching up with our unique extrusion technology and high accuracy CNC processing, which creates the incomparable features of high reliablility, usability and high precision.


3) based on rich production experience, the production line integrates the world leading control system, metering system, sensoring system and dynamical system, which ensures the pipe precision can be controlled within +/-0.05mm.


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