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Oxygen Barrier EVOH PEXB Pipe Production Line| EVOH PE-XB Pipe Machine

This oxygen barrier pipe production line is used to produce 3 layer type PEX/EVOH oxygen barrier pipes. The line speed is up to 30m/min with top technology.
PEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene. Technically refere to as a silane process, but is more often called steam or moisture cross-linking. The cross-link is done after the HDPE is extruded into tube. The put finished product in hot steam container, and keep warm for certain time.
The PEX pipes with oxygen barrier is are co-extruded with 3 extruder, for that three different layer materials, inner PEX, middle adhesive, and outer oxygen barrier.
External coating of oxygen barrier PEX pipe effectively prevents diffustion of oxygen molecules into the water through walls of the pipe. This feature prevents corrosion of cast iron components in the water system, and allows using it in hot water hydronic heating applications, including baseboard, radiator he ating, fan coils, radiant floor heating and snow melting applications.


Product Description

PEX EVOH Oxygen Barrier Pipe Production Line

This pipe production line is used to produce 3 layer type PE-Xb EVOH oxygen barrier pipes, diameter range 16-32mm. The extrusion mould and extruder screw are special designed as per cross-linking feature of raw material.

Through years technology upgrading and practical experience gathering from customers' feedback, the production speed of the line has upgraded from 15m/min, up to 30m/min.

PEX oxygen barrier pipe extrusion machine

Basic Technical Date:

Line Model Screw Diameter Production Scope Production Speed
KDZY-65 65mm/30mm 16-32mm 15m/min
KDZY-60 60mm/35mm/30mm 16-32mm 30m/min

Producted Pipe:

PEX oxygen barrier pipe

Machine Design Features:

3 layer oxygen barrier pipe making machine     material gravimetric doser

1)Three layer EVOH co-extrusion die head is special designed as per cross-linking feature of PEX pipes, and also EVOH pipe structure. With little modification, same die head can use to produce single layer pipe also.

High quality 40Cr steel mould, processed by imported CNC machinery; The tip and die mould surface are chrome painted, which can effetively increase its hardness, reduce friction force, and easy to clean.


2) Gravimetric material doser system is equipped as an option, to ensure produced pipe quality. The benefits of the system is to stable the pipe production process and improve the product quality consistency, decrease pipe waste rate, save unnecessary material consumption, realize the precisely control for accurate thickness and high speed production.

pipe production machine    auto pipe coiler

3) Specail designed vacuum tank, with two chamber structure, which is better for sizing effect of EVOH pipe making. 

The vacuum degree can also be automatically ajusted by PLC system.  Requied vacuum data is directly set on PLC, then the vacuum degree will be automatically adjusted, to ensure the stable of the system vacuum condition.

4) Fully auto coiler or semi-auot coiler can be choosen. The fully auto coiler can cut the pipe and change new coil automatically, together with a pipe accumulator.

what's more, increasing intelligence of the line, the automatic strapping and unloading function can also be added.

Reference Line Running Video:

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