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Oxygen Barrier EVOH PA Nylon Pipe Production Line| PA Nylon Pipe Extrusion Line

This oxygen barrier pipe production line is used to produce 5 layer Polyamide PA oxygen barrier automobile fuel tubes. The inner and outer layer is PA 12 material, then two bonding layer, and middle EVOH oxygen barrier layer.
This multilayer PA fuel tubes are mady by co-extrusion technology, with 5 sets of extruders. EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol) materials are windely used in automotive applications in multi-layer fule lines owing to their excellent barrier properties to aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. These barrier materials are essential to limit environmental fuel emissions and comply with the challenging requirements of fast changing internationak regulations.


Product Description

Pollyamide PA Oxygen Barrier Fuel Tube Production Line

Below multilayer tube extrusion  line is used to extrude 5 layer PA/EVOH automobile fule tube, with an outer diameter 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

The PA multi-layer composite pipe can effectively reduce the automobile's emission pollution and meet higher enviromental requirements. As the multi-layer composite pipe features an excellent resistance to penetration, it meets EU-III standards.

 PA engine oil tube making machine

Multilayer Pipe Structure:

1) Inner layer:  PA 12

2) Inner adhesive layer

3)EVOH oxygen barrier layer

4) Outer adhesive layer

5) Outer layer: PA 12

 multilayer PA oil tube


Line Model Screw Diameter Production Scope Production Speed
KDFPA-45 45/45/30mm 6-20mm 40m/min
KDFPA-65 65/45/30mm 6-20mm 80m/min


Design Feature for Multialeyr PA Automobile Fuel Pipe Line:


1)Extruder is special designed for PA raw material, so that extrusion output and plastizizing quality are effectivly improved.


2) Multilayer co-extrusion die head adopts special moulds steel, matching up with the unique multi-layer co-extrusion technology and high accuracy CNC processing to creat imcomparable features of high reliablity, usablility and high precision.


3) Gravimetric material dosing system, thickness control system, and diameter measuring system are equipped to control produced pipe accuracy.


4) SIEMENS PLC system to realize many inteligent operations, such as multi-machine linkage, sperate machine control, fault diagnosis, remote control etc. At same time, advanced on line nonitoring and control technologies, such as servo tracking technology, static digital filter technology etc, are used to ensure plastizing quality and produced pipe accuracy under high speed extrusion.

extrusion die head

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