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High Speed PA Nylon Pipe Production Line| PA Nylon Pipe Making Machine

PA nylon pipe production line adopts single-screw extruder which is specially designed according to the processing characteristics of PA materials to extrude PA raw materials. It effectively improves the output of the extruder and the plasticizing effect. Features:
-The extrusion line runs stably.
-Computer integrated control which is easy to operate
-The product dimensional accuracy can be controlled within 0.05mm, and the PA pipe surface is bright.
-It is widely used as oil pipe, oil return pipe and vacuum pipe of many well-known automobile brands.
-Suitable for PA11/PA12.
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Product Description

Compared with the metal tube, PA11/12 nylon tube has a greater advantage in performance, and now is widely used in the automotive field as automobile oil pipe, oil return pipe, vacuum pipe, etc because of the advantages of oil resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low friction coefficient etc. 

What's more, PA nylon tube also has features of low density and light weight, so it is have great significance to reduce the cost of the entire vehicle and the weight in automobile.


KAIDE high speed PA nylon pipe Production Line for Automobile Fuel Pipe adopts PA special designed extruder which is specialy designed for PA raw material, has effectively improves the extrusion output and plasticizing quality.

Machine is suitable for producing with PA11 or PA12, available for pipe size Ø6-20mm.

Technical data:

Line model Screw diameter L/D Production scope Production speed Norminal Power L*W*H
KDPA-45 Ø45mm 28:1 Ø6-20mm 20m/min 62KW 25m*2.5m*3m
KDPA-65 Ø65mm 30:1 Ø6-20mm 60m/min 80KW 35m*2.5m*3m

Main features of the PA nylon pipe extrusion line:

PA12 automobile fuel tube making machine

1. Special designed screw structure, not only improve the PA raw material’s plasticizing effect, but also imporved the extruder’s output.

2. Screw and barrel adopt high quality alloy steel, and treated by nitriding, polishing, and honing,with long serving life.

3. Good temperature balance effect. Each zone equipped with independent ceramic heaters and strong cooling fans, which largely ensure the melt’s temperature in screw and barrel is constant.

4.Extruder is intergrated controlled by PLC computer control system, sync control with the downstream equippment.

5. The reasonable die head structure avoids heat accumulation during high-speed production and ensures the smooth surface and tube embryo is uniform when it’s extruded.

6. Vacuum tank and cooling system is specially designed for high speed producing.

7. Accurate control of vacuum pressure, and real time monitoring.

8. Online pipe size measuring device as optional.

PA EVOH nylon pipe

9.With the requirements of environmental protection, multi-layer pipes are widely used worldwide. In addition to single-layer PA pipe production lines, we also have three-layer composite nylon alloy PA pipe production lines and five-layer composite EVOH/PA pipe production lines.


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