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Anti-UV Four Layers Glassfiber PPR Pipe Production Line|PPR Pipe Making Machine

The Anti-UV Four Layers Glassfiber PPR Pipe Production Line|PPR Pipe Making Machine is used to produce 4 layers pipe, from inside layer to skin layer, it is: ppr raw materials, glassfiber raw materials, ppr raw materials, PE raw materials, the pipe diameter range: 20mm-63mm, 20mm-110mm, etc. This kind of pipe has the features of high strength, high temperature resistance, and the PE skin layer is functioned to anti Ultravoilet, to protect the inner PPR pipe, not sunburning if installed outdoor, which is mostly applied in the fields of building construction, hot water transportation, air conditioner system main pipeline,etc.
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Product Description

The Anti-UV 4 Layers glassfiber ppr pipe making machine adopts the specialized high efficient wear-resistant extruder for glassfiber reinforced plastic material, which ensures high speed extrusion and guarantee the long service life of extruder.

Anti-UV ppr glassfiber ppr tube Machine

Technical Data

Line Model

Screw Diameter


Production Scope

Production Speed

Nominal Power












SJ-65 Ф65/65/45 33/33/33:1 ф20-63(110)mm 15m/min 95Kw

Gravimeter System of Glassfiber PPR Pipe Production Line 

PE outer layer ppr pipe making machine.

(1) High precise Gravimeter control system of is applied in this 4 Layers glassfiber PPR pipe production line.

(2) It is used for measuring & calculating and precise control of pipe weight permeter and its extrusion output, to realize the constancy of pipe weight.

(3) The application of this system can shorten the start-up time, improve the produced pipe quality, and save raw material.

(4) The Graviemter system is operated very easier, decrease the dependence to the operator's skill. 

Co-extrusion Composited die head 

(1) It is our Patented specially designed adjustable co-extrusion die head, can ensure even thickness of three layers,

(2) Each layer thickness can be adjusted freely; no need to adjust the extruder’s rotating speed.

(3) There is pressure storage chamber in the die head, effectively eliminate the melting pressure pulse from the extruder. 

ppr pipe Extruder LINE

(4) Diameter range: 20mm-63mm, 20mm-110mm.

(5) Moulds Raw materials: 40Cr High quality alloy steel, with features of high temperature resistance, corrosion-resistance. 

Haul-off machine of the Glassfiber PPR Pipe Machine

(1) The haul-off machine is basically multi group roller type belt tractors. This kind of tractor  adopts the structure of free hanging type tension rollers. 

(2) Advantages of this haul-off machine: the clamping force on the pipe can be automatically adjusted by thre free hanging tension rollers. so as to avoid elliptical deformation due to uneven stress. 

(3) Driven by Siemens Servo motor, it can runs smoothly and also synchronously controlled with the extruder. It can respond to screw speed adjusting fast, which can not only meet the high-speed production of small diameter pips, but also meet the stable traction of large diameter pipes.

Manufactured Four Layers Glassfiber PPR Pipe

Anti-UV ppr glassfiber ppr pipe production Machine

① The outer layer is PE Anti-UV layer with thickness 0.6mm-0.8mm

② The second layer is PPR layer

③ The third layer is glassfiber layer

④ The forth layer is PPR layer .

This special 4 layers fiber reinforced PPR pipe is mostly suitable for high temperature hot water transporting in outdoors , and the PE Anti-UV layer can lengthen the lifespan of the pipe, resistance the ultraviolet rays, with wide application in the areas with strong sunlight and solarization.


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