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Glassfiber PPR Pipe Production Line|Three layers PPR Pipe Machine

This pipe production line is used to produce 20-63mm or 20mm-110mm, 75mm-160mm, PPR glassfiber PPR pipes or 3 layer PPR pipes, with production speed up to 30m/min for 20mm×3.4mm pipe size, KAIDE is the birthplace of the first high speed pipe line in China, who can provide the stable performance and high speed line at very good price. The glassfiber ppr pipe making machine adopts high efficient extruder, three layers adjustable composite pipe die head, suffcient cooling system, stable haul-off machine,high speed pipe cutting machine, siemens PLC control system, etc
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Product Description

Below pipe production line is used to produce 20-63mm,20mm-110mm,75mm-160mm PPR glassfiber PPR pipes or 3 layer PPR pipes, with production speed up to 28m/min for 20mm×3.4mm pipe size, pressure ratings: PN20,PN25.

Technical Specification:

Line Model

Screw Diameter


Production Scope

Production Speed m/min

Nominal Power




















The PPR GF PPR Pipe Production Line includes:

(1) High Eifficent PPR Pipe Extrurder for Inner Layer & Outer Layer 
(2) Glassfiber PPR Pipe Extruder for Middle Layer 
(3) High Speed Three layers Adjustable Composite Pipe Die Head 
(4) Vacuum Calibration Cooling  Tank 
(5) Water Cooling Tank 
(6) High Speed Haul-off Machine 
(7) Dustless Cutting Machine 
(8) Pipe Stacker 
(9) Siemens PLC Control System 

Features of Pipe Production Line

(1) Independently developed high efficiency PPR Extruder and Glassfiber Extruder are applied, especially in the Glassfiber Extruder that is specially designed according to glassfiber raw materials property, with advantages of high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, effectively ensuring the stable extrusion effect.

(2) The adjustable co-extrusion die head, KAIDE patented product, can composite multi-layer evenly and rapidly and get optimal thickness of each layer quickly no need adjusting the extruder rotating speed. Therefore, the design can reduce the dependence on operator’s skill during the production process.

ppr-gf-ppr pipe extrusion line

(3) The combined cutting system can guarantee the rapid and dustless cutting of different diameters’ pipes during the high speed production. The control technology, which is self-developed according to pipe cutting characters, ensures higher accuracy of cutting during the high speed production and eliminates the problems of printing being not synchronous with cutting, uneven pipes’ length, etc.

(4) It can be upgrade by machine configuration renovation to produce high speed three layers or single layer HDPE pipe.

Die Head Moulds of Three Layers PPR Glassfiber PPR Pipe Line

(1) The three layers distribution of ppr-gf-ppr pipe are depends on customer's requirement, it can be 30:40:30, or it can be 1/3:1/3:1/3, or different distrubition depends on .

(2) The patented designed adjustable co-extrusion composite die head of three layers ppr pipe line, can realize that each layer thickness be adjusted freely; no need to adjust the extruder’s rotating speed.

(3) Pipe Diameter: 20mm-63mm, 20mm-110mm,75mm-160mm, ratings of PN20, PN25 

(4) Materials of the moulds: High quality alloy steel 40Cr, with high strength, and high temperature resistance. 

Cooling System of this PPR GF PPR Pipe Production Line

PPR Pipe making machine cooling system

(1) Vacuum Cooling Tank, Cooling System.

(2) Materials: SS304# Stainless Steel, with special painting treatment, without the problem of painting flake off.

(3) Cooling Mode: Spray type for sufficient cooling effect for high speed production.

(4) the servo vacuum degree control device to ensure the stable vacuum for high speed pipe producing.  

Pipe Cutting System of Glassfiber PPR Pipe Making Machine 

ppr-gf-ppr pipe production line

(1) In order to adapt to high production speed of different pipe diameter production, this glassfiber ppr pipe extrusion line was equipped specially cutting system, to realize both high speed pipe cutting for smaller diameter, and dustless cutting for large diameter. 

(2) The pipe cutter was driven by Siemens Servo motor, with stable performance, and the pipe end with perfece roundness, without any fur. 

PLC Control System of Glassfiber PPR Tube Extrusion line

 ppr pipe machine PLC

Brand : Siemens PLC Control System

(1) The high speed glassfiber ppr pipe machinery adopts original imported Siemens PLC control system.

(2) Multi-point closed-loop control system, which ensure the high speed synchronous control and reliable operating of the whole production line.

(3) The screen can be customized in English, Russian, and other language  to display the heating temperature, melt pressure, current, traction speed, alarming, maintenance reminder, etc.



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