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High Speed HDPE Pipe Production Line|HDPE Pipe Making Machine|PE Pipe Machine

HDPE pipe production line machine configuration is different as per produced pipe diameter range. For small diameter range like 20-63mm, there are several different speed models for option, the highest production speed is up to 60m/min for 20×2.0mm HDPE pipes.
Big diameter HDPE pipe extrusion line can be designed as two layer co-extrusion type or 3 layer co-extrusion type.
Pipe coiler is equipped as an option, to coil pipe size from 16-32mm, or 20-63mm or much big up to 110mm.
  • KDPE-63/630


Product Description

High Speed HDPE Pipe Production Line

KAIDE factory has focused on plastic pipe extrusion technology for more than 20 years, especially for high speed pipe line and multi-layer pipe line.
For small diameter HDPE pipe from 20mm-63mm, the production speed can reach to 60m/min, in order to increase the production efficiency, reduce production cost, such as labor, electric and water consumption etc. 

Maximum HDPE pipe diameter we can made is up to 630mm. For big diameter, the extrusion line can be mult-layer coextrusion type, like two layer co-extrusion or 3 layer co-extrusion.

Gravimetric material dosing system can be equipped to save raw material, shorten start up time, and increase pipe quality level etc.


 HDPE pipe production machine

Technical Data:

Line Model Screw Diameter/LD Ratio Production Scope Production Speed /Output
KDPE-63 I 65mm;   33:1 20-63mm 15m/min;  90kgs/h
KDPE-63 II 60mm;    36:1 20-63mm 35m/min;    250 kgs/h
KDPE-63 III 75mm;    36:1 20-63mm 60m/min;    320kgs/h
KDPE-160 75mm;   36:1 75-160mm 320kgs/h
KDPE-315 75mm; 36:1 110-315mm 420kgs/h
KDPE-450 75mm; 36:1 200-450mm 600kgs/h
90mm; 36:1 315-630mm 800kgs/h

HDPE pipe

Features of Pipe Production Line:

HDPE pipe extruder machine   HDPE water pipe making machine

1) Special designed high efficient five-section type screw and barrel, ensuring the rapid plasticizing & dispersion effect, and realizing high speed production.


2)Gravimetric material feeding system is to control material feeding according to pipe parameter & line production speed, to get high qualified pipe with constant weight per meter. It’s also have other benefits, such as shortening start-up time, saving raw material, simplifying operation.

HDPE pipe making machine   HDPE pipe production line

3)Spiral pressure-storage die head, ensuring the stability of high speed extrusion and produced pipe quality.

The die head is designed different as per pipe pipe structure and diameter range, like high speed extrusion die head, two layer co-extrusion die head or three layer -co-extrusion die head.

PE plastic pipe winding machine   pe pipe winding machine

4)Different type pipe coiler is equipped as an option, like coiler for 16-32mm or coiler for 20-63mm, or even big up to 110mm HDPE pipe coiling.

5)SIEMENS PLC programmable computer control system, which could ensure the whole line high-speed synchronous control and its stable & reliable running.


Reference Line Running Video:

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