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High Speed PERT Pipe Production Line|PE-RT Pipe Machine|PE-RT Pipe Extruder

Below Pipe Production line is used to make floor heating PERT pipe, single layer type. With production speed is up to 60m/min maximum. The guaranteed speed is 50m/min for 20 ×2.0mm pipe.
Big L/D ratio extruder is used with better plasticizing effect, ensuring high speed production. Gravimetric material dosing system and auto servo vacuum control system is added for intelligent control and operation of the line.
Pipe coiler is fully automatic coiler with a pipe accumulation system. The coiler can cut the pipe and change new coil automatically. As an option, the automatic strapping and coil unloading function can also be added.
  • KDRT-65/60/75


Product Description

PERT Heating Pipe Production Line


PERT pipe, produced by the raised temperature resistant polyethylene of raw material, transparent for all, is the most common under floor heating pipe at present.

Pipe inner wall is smooth, it can reduce the blocking phenomena by the residuum in the water, has its own advantages of good flexibility, easy to install and carry, resistance to low temperature and forst crack and service life up to 50 years.


There are mainly three different speed models for PERT pipe extrusion lines for your option, like 15m/min speed model with low investment cost, and 60m/min speed model with high production efficiency. Here we'd like to recommend y ou our best selling 60m/min speed model, with guaranteed production speed is 50m/min for 20*2.0mm pipe. 

 high speed PERT pipe making machine

Technical Data of  Pipe Production Line

Line Model Screw Diameter L/D Production Scope Production Speed
KDRT-65  65mm 30:1 16-32mm 15m/min
KDRT-60 60mm 36:1 16-32mm 35m/min
KDRT-75 75mm 36:1 16-32mm 60m/min

pert floor heating pipe

Features of Pipe Production Line:

 PERT pipe extruder   material doser for pert pipe making

1) High efficient five section type screw and barrel, to ensure fast plasticizing & dispersion effcct.


2) Gravimetric material feeding system is to control material feeding according to pipe parameter & line production speed, to get high qualified pipe with constant weight per meter. It's also have benefits of shortening start-up time, saving raw material and simplifying operation.

 PERT pipe making machine die head   vacuum tank of pert pipe production line

3) Spiral Pressure storage die head effectively overcomes the instantaneous fluctuation of extrusion pressure, realizing high speed pipe extrusion with stable pressure.


4) vacuum and calibrating system is further optimized based on our previous high speed pipe extrusion line technology; with better structure calibrating and cooling become more effective.

Automatic vacuum control system can adjust vacuum degree as per setting parameters on the main PLC.


5) Equipped with fully automatic pipe coiler, with pipe accumulator. The accumulating will act while changing new coil, to storage pipe to prevent pipe gathered.  And it will also work as an tension control, to automatically adjust the coiling speed.

The coiler will cut the pipe and change new coil automatically.

As an option, the auto strapping and unloading function can be added.


6) SIEMENS programable PLC control system with big color touch creen. Having multi-point close-loop control and sysnc system.  Remote control system is also applied for after sales technology support.

fully auto pipe coiling machine   pipe accumulator for pert pipe production line

Reference Pipe Production Line Testing Video:

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