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High Speed PEXB Pipe production Line|PE-Xb Pipe Making Machine

Below Pipe Production line is used to make cross-linked PEXb pipes. The production speed is up to 30m/min.
The extruder screw and die head are special designed as per PEX cross-linking features. The line can achieve high speed production, and also prevent over crosslinking or degeneration problem of PEX material while extrusion.
Difference with PEXa pipe, the PEXb is made using silane or moisture cure method of cross-linking. The links between molecules of HDPE form after extrusion process using a catalyst and exposing the PEX pipe to hot water or hot steam container.
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Product Description

Cross-linked PEXb Pipe Making Machine

Below pipe extrusion line is used to make cross-linked PEXb pipes. KAIDE started to make PEX pip extruder since year 1997, starting from one step method with very low production speed. Now through years experience and technology upgrade, the production speed is  up to 30m/min.

PEX pipes are made of HDPE and cross linking accessories. According to the difference of techniques, it has four types, PEXa, PEXb, PEXc and PEXd. Our company provide PEXa and PEXb pipe production line. We have focused on plastic pipe extrusion technology for more than 20 years, with advanced technology and high quality.

 PEX pipe making machine

Technical Data of Pipe Production Line:

Line Model Screw Diameter L/D Production Scope Production Speed
KDXB-65  65mm 30:1 16-32mm 15m/min
KDXB-60 60mm 36:1 16-32mm 35m/min

PEX pipe

Features of Pipe Production Line:

pex pipe production machine   pex pipe extruder machine

1)The high speed PE-Xb extruder adopts special structured cross-linking reaction type screw, to realize the stability and good plasticizing quality of high speed extrusion.


2)The special designed pressure-storage reaction type die head has overcome the stress orientation of polymer molecular chain during the pipe formatting, realizing the constant pressure extrusion of the pipe. The stability of extrusion pressure is the essential condition for high speed production.


3)Vacuum calibrators are special designed multi-sheet water bath type, with our company independent intellectual property rights, which realize the even and effective calibrating & cooling effects.


4) It adopts multi-group roller clamping type belt haul-off machine, with high & stable pulling speed, which completely overcomes the vibration or slipping problem of traditional rubber block haul-off machine.


5) It adopts original imported new generation PLC control system which ensures the high speed synchronous control and reliable operating of the whole production line.

haul-off machine of PEX pipe production line   plastic pipe coiling machine

Reference Line Testing Video:

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