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High Speed Two-Cavity PPR Pipe Production Line|70m/min PPR Pipe Machine

The double strand ppr pipe production line is used to produce water supply double layers (double color) ppr pipe for hot/cold water transportation, the pipe diameter ranges are 20mm-32mm, the standard pressure ratings PN6,PN12, PN20,PN25; the produced pipes are mainly applied in the fields of building construction water supply system, air conditioner water supply system,etc. The double strand ppr pipe extrusion line speed can reach up to 35m/min*2=70m/min for 20x2.8mm. This line effectively improve the working efficiency, save human power and raw materials consumption. After do some modification, this line also can produce two layers hdpe pipe, very flexible.
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Product Description

High efficient extruder of this double strand ppr pipe line adopts special designed high efficient five section type screw and barrel, which are our comppany indedendent design with completely independent intellectial property rights. This is the essential conditions of ensuring the rapid plasticizing & dispersion effect, and realizing high speed production.

Two cavity PPR Pipe Extruder

Technical Data

Line Model Screw Diameter L/D Production Scope Production Speed  Nominal Power


36:1 φ20-32mm 15m/min*2 148Kw


36:1 φ20-32mm 25m/min*2 188Kw


36:1 φ20-32mm 35m/min*2 230Kw

Specialized Die Head Moulds of Two Cavity PPR Pipe Production Line 

Two cavity PPR Pipe Die Head

(1) Double strand pipe extrusion die head mold is manufactured by imported CNC machine;

(2) With a pressure balance distribution device, ensuring the precise control of double extruded pipes in any condition;

(3) Die Head Moulds Raw Materials: High Quality alloy 40Cr, with high temperature resistance for long life span. 

(4) Heated by ceramic heater, and temperature is automatically controlled by Siemens PLC system. 

Specially Structured Vacuum Calibration Tank 

Two cavity PPR Pipe Cooling Tank

(1)The vacuum tank of the two cavity ppr pipe production line are specially designed by KAIDE R&D team, which has features of stable vacuum degree,the backward & forward travelling journey is easily to be adjusted;

(2) Automatic water supply and drainage system, ensuring the required water temperature for high speed production. 

(3) The surface of the vacuum tank and cooling tank are treated by special painting process, without the painting flake off problems, even after 10 years later, the apperance of the tank still keep as new as purchased time. 

Automatic Pipe Stacker of Two Cavity PPR Pipe Making Machine

Pipe Stacker2

This Pipe Stacker is used for piling up the pipe coming from the pipe cutting machine, it is driven by air cylinder, with communication connection to the cutter, realizing the automatic pipe stacking as per the setting time. 

PLC Control System

ppr pipe machine PLC

(1) The high speed ppr pipe machinery adopts original imported new generation PLC control system.

(2) Multi-point closed-loop control system, which ensure the high speed synchronous control and reliable operating of the whole production line.

(3) The screen can be customized in English, Russian, and other language  to display the heating temperature, melt pressure, current, traction speed, alarming, maintenance reminder, etc.

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