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KAIDE CNC Metal Processing Center

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KAIDE CNC Metal Processing Center

KAIDE has a modern CNC processing workshop. The CNC processing center includes MAZAK , OKUMA ,TAKISAWAR, KAFO, LITZ and other turning and milling center, five-axis gantry CNC process center, etc. The level of our metal processing workshop is Top one in China plastic machine industry.



Most parts of production line are processed by our-self which ensure that we can more better to control the quality of the machines, and due to using the high precise processing equipment, the parts we process can meet the design requirements in terms of accuracy and material strength.


All equipment must be fully tested before leaving the factory. If the mold needs fine-tuning, we can quickly make corrections, and all parts must be archived. If you need spare parts later, we can provide you with spare parts in the shortest possible time.


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