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PE-XA Pipe Production Line Tested before Delivery

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PE-XA Pipe Production Line Tested before Delivery


On August 05,2023, 7 sets production lines for PEXA pipe is tested. Those lines are exported to Russia market.For this pexa pipe extrusion line, we have manufactured more than 100sets,exported to different countries.


Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes used in hot water supply are required for high mechanical strength and high creep resistance at high temperature. PEXa pipes which are made by peroxide cross-linking have better performance, such as creep resistance and thermal shock resistance than the pipes made by other cross-kinking method.


Features of Pipe Production Line:

1) High strength material made crank-rod structure, ensuring machine working reliability and durability.

2) Special designed tip and die mould for PEXa pipe making; Processed and manufactured by imported CNC machinery to ensure the precision degree, and produced pipe diameter and thickness accuracy.

3) Cooling tank and haul-off machine are designed as in integration, saving space and easy to operate.


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