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PEX-A EVOH Pipe Production Line Tested before Delivery

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PEX-A EVOH Pipe Production Line Tested before Delivery

On 15th, August, 2023, the production line for PEXA EVOH pipe is tested, with speed 20m/min, which is exported to Russia market.

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This pipe extrusion line is used to produce 3 layer PEXa EVOH oxygen barrier pipes. Unlike other oxygen barrier pipe making, the PEXa EVOH pipes are made in two separate way. Firstly need a ram extruder to produce that inner PEXa pipe, then on the PEXa pipe, coat with outer oxygen barrier layer. Below line is that second step to coate the outer oxygen barrier layer.

Machine Design Features:


1) Two layer co-extrusion die head for that glue and outer EVOH oxygen barrier layer coating. Special designed with vacuum suction function, ensuring better compound of glue and EVOH layer.

2)Two set s of haul-off machines are equipped; first one is to straight the pipe, and keep stable of the pipe, to avoid any vibration of the pipe while entering the die head.


3) Winding machine is used servo traversing unit, with better winding effect, and controlled by separate PLC control system.

4) Whole line is controlled by SIEMENS PLC system, and equipped with remote control system, which can analyse the machine fault or problem through internet, help customer to solve the problem in time.

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