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PP Silence Drainage Pipe Production Line Tested

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PP Silence Drainage Pipe Production Line Tested

On February 18,2024, the production line for PP Silence Pipe Production Line is tested. The production scope is ø50mm-200mm, Speed 10m/min, Capacity 380kg/h, This line is exported to Europe market.

PP Soundproof pipes are produced by two extruders or three extruders, with three layer co-extrusion technology. The pipes are three layer structures with a sound-absorbing layer in the middel.The popular soundproof pipe diameter is from 50-200mm. The pipe is made by co-extrusion technology with at least two extruders. The inner and outer layer is a thin PP layer, and middle layer is a special modified sound absorbing material. The Pipe structure is 3 layer, with thickness ratio is 10%:80%:10%.


Below are some machine details :

1.Extruders are specially designed according the raw material's properties. Inner and outer layer is PP-B raw material, Middle layer is special PP-sound proof raw material. Bimetallic screw is adopted for Middle layer extruder, extend the machine service life.

2. Die head&Moulds are specially designed based on a large researches of the PP-B and PP silent raw materials characteristics. and considering the different shinkage ratio.

3. Special designed cutting machine, to ensure smotth cutting surface and also pipe roundness. With online cutting and chamfering function, save labor working time. Tailored design control system which can achieve 2 different length's consecutive cuts.

4. PLC control system with sync control  to ensure easy and reliable operation of the line; and remote control to help customer to diagnosis machine problem if any and solve it.

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