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PP Silent Drainage Pipe Production Line | SoundProof PP Pipe Making Machine

Below Pipe making machine is used to make 3 layer PP soundproof drainage pipes. The popular soundproof pipe diameter is from 50-200mm. The pipe is made by co-extrusion technology with at least two extruders. The inner and outer layer is a thin PP layer, and middle layer is a special modified sound absorbing material. The Pipe structure is 3 layer, with thickness ratio is 10%:80%:10%.
  • KDJY-65/80


Product Description

PP Soundproof Drainage Pipe  Pipe  Production Lin


PP Soundproof pipes are produced by two extruders, with three layer co-extrusion technology. The pipes are three layer structures with a sound-absorbing layer in the middel.

The noise reduction of this PP drainage pipe is much better than cast iron pipes, and better than those UPVC type of drainage pipe on current markets.  The water dropping noise indoor is less than 45Db.

This pipe also have the unique performance of high anti-bending fatigue, small deformation against high temperature, anti-aging etc, can be widely used in office building, school, hotel, high level residential quarters, hospital, nursing homes etc.

 PP drainage pipe production line

 Technical Date:

Line Model Screw Diameter Production Scope Output
KDJY-65 65/50mm 50-110mm 150kg/h
KDJY-80 80/65mm 50-200mm 300kg/h

 PP silence pipe


Produced Pipe Sizes:

No. Pipe Outer diameter Pipe Thickness
1 50mm 3.2mm
2 75mm 3.8mm
3 110mm
4 160mm 5.0mm
5 200mm 6.5mm

Super silent drainage products has advantages of light weight, non-toxic, flame retarcant, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and high resistance performance.

1)Excellent soundproof performance; by adding special soundproof material to absorb sound waves and prevent sound spread, noise reduction is much better than case iron & upvc drainage pipe.

2) Super anti-corrosion: inner tube can resist acid up PH2, resist alkali up to PH12.

3) High temperature resistance: can bare 95℃ hot water.


Main Features of Pipe Production Line:

 PP soundproof pipe making machine   PP slience pipe extrusion machine

1. high efficiency extruder special for sound-absorption PP material is equipped, which ensures the high extrusion capacity and improves the lifespan of extruder.


2. Adjustable composite co-extrusion die head is initially created by KAIDE, which can realize rapidly even composition of three layers and get the optimal layer thickness without adjusting the extruder rotation speed.


3. Special designed cutting machine, to ensure smotth cutting surface and also pipe roundness.


4. PLC control system with sync control  to ensure easy and reliable operation of the line; and remote control to help customer to diagnosis machine problem if any and solve it.

 Haul-off machine of pp soundproof pipe production line   Cutting machine of PP soundproof pipe production line

Reference Line Testing Video:

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