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TPU Pipe Production Line|TPU Pipe Extrusion Line| TPU Pipe Machine

KAIDE specially developed TPU pipe extrusion production line uses an extremely optimized single screw extruder SJ45~SJ65.
It can produce international standard TPU tubes with an OD during 4-16mm and capacity about 50-100KG/hr.
Using online laser diameter detector which not only can produce TPU pipes with smooth appearance and beautiful texture automatically, but also can achieve perfect and monitor on all sizes requirements to avoid wasting raw materials.
The produced Ester PU pipe has good wear resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance, remains elastic at low temperatures. It is widely used in the fields of pneumatic.
  • KD-PU


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Product Description

TPU(Polyurethane) tube production line adopts TPU raw material special designed screw to extrude the PU/TPU materials. The produced TPU pipe has excellent bending performance, can maintain flexibility even at lower or higher temperatures, and is wear-resistant. Therefore, TPU pipe is suitable for various pneumatic tools, such as automatic machinery, coating machinery, and even construction tool pipe fittings.

TPU tube size:

No. PU tube diameter PU tube thickness
1) 4mm 0.75mm
2) 6mm 1mm
3) 8mm 1.5mm
4) 10mm 1.75mm
5) 12mm 2mm
6) 16mm 2mm

TPU tube machinery technical data:

Line model Screw L/D ratio Capacity Norminal Power Producing speed Dimension
KD-PU-01 45mm 30:1 50KG/hr 55KW 20m/min 14m*2.5m*2.5m
KD-PU-02 65mm 28:1 100KG/H 90KW 30m/min 22m*2.5m*3.5m

Main components of the PU tube production line:

1) Extruder special designed for PU 
2) Auto loader+ Air dryer
3) Gravimeter
4) Die head moulds specially for PU pipes
5) On-line laser diameter measurement device
6) Haul-off machine
7) Siemens PLC control system
8) Remote control system

Main features of the machine:

TPU tube production line

1.The extruder specially designed according to the processing performance of PU raw materials to extrude TPU pipes.

2.Each heating zone temperature s independently controlled by computer, ensure the  temperature is effectively balanced even during high-speed production.

3. Schneider, ABB, and Siemens PLC computer control system intergrated control all parts of the entire production line.

Polyurethane Tube Production Line

4.The die head moulds is customized according to the shrinkage ratio and hardness of the PU raw material.

5. Suitable for pipe size: 4-16mm, with min tolerance.

PU pipe making machine

6.Servo hauling unit, stable hauling pipes even in high speed producing.

7. haul-off machine is Sync controlled with extruder.


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