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The Advantage Of PP Soundproof Pipe In Drainage System

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It is three layers structure design, layers distribution 10%+80%+10%, like above picture, so this PP soundproof pipe has below advantages:

(1) Superior sound absorbing features: The pipe density and structure can be adjusted via adding the special soundproof raw materials, which can absorb the sound wave, the effect of noise is better than cast iron pipe;

(2) Super  chemicals corrosion resistance: the acid-proof performance of internal pipe surface can reach PH2, the proof performance can reach PH12;

(3) High temperature resistance performance: it can works at 95°C temperature for long time usage, the instantaneous temperature 97°C temperature;

(4) Excellent anti-impact properties: the rigid external layer not only protect the middle layer, but also makes the pipe with excellent anti-impact properties;

(5) Environmental performance: This raw materials PP is nontoxic raw materials, which can be recycled using.

2.Noise dB comparing List of Different Drainage Pipe

Pipe  Type

U-PVC Pipe

Iron Cast Pipe    

PP Silent Pipe

Noise Level dB




Pipe Density g/cm




Pipe Thickness mm




NoteThe environmant value is 39.5 dB, The above testing pipe diameter=DE110 and DN100

3.The Production Process of the PP Soundproof Pipe

This three layers PP Silent Pipe Production line adopts co-extrusion technology, and adopting co-extrusion die head structure, each layers can be adjusted, specialized spiral pressure storage composite die head, for stable an compact extrusion, the mandrel and mouth die are treated with chrome plating, for purpose of moulds long lifespan, reducing the melting friction coefficient, and easier clearance. 


Double vacuum chamber designed especially for Big diameter production, saving raw materials during machine start-up period. Water level meter installed for easy to adjust the water supply and drainage. The haul-off machine is driven by Siemens Servo Motor, to adapting big range hauling speed for smaller diameter and bigger diameter.  


Gravimeter Control System installed for each extruder, to get high precisely material feeding, stable weight per meter, easy convenience, and materials saving. 


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