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ZDSJ-200 Flat Drip Irrigation Tape Winder | Automatic Winding Machine

This flat drip irrigation tape coiler is used to coil the drip irrigtaion tape diameter from 12mm to 22mm, which has the function of automatic coil, automatic cutting, automatic reel change, this coiler is specially designed for high speed drip irrigation tape line with speed 150m/min-300m/min, it is controlled by Siemens PLC control system, all the parameter such as coil speed, coil current length, total coil length, traversing position, etc can be displayed on the touch screen, easy to operate, also equipped with dancer system to adjust the speed automatically.
  • ZDSJ-200


Product Description

This drip irrigation tape automatic coiler is specially designed for high speed flat drip irrigation tape production line, with speed 150m/min-300m/min. It can automatically realize tape cutting and rolls changing,

drip irrigation tape coiler

Features of this drip irrigation tape coiler 

(1) Automatic winding machine is driven by servo motor and controlled by SIEMENS PLC system.

(2) Application of servo traversing and tension control system in this flat drip irrigation tape line, can ensure the high sync condition of winding speed and line speed, making winded coils even and neat.

(3) During production, the winder can cut pipes and change reels automatically according to the setting length. And also print length tag of each coil.

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Technical Parameter

No Item Parameter
1    Model   ZDSJ-200(Flat Tape)
2   Control Mode  Siemens programmable PLC control
3   Working Position Qty   Double
4   Coiling Disc Change   Auto cut , auto change
5   Auto Transverse Unit   Servo transverse, pitch adjusted
6   Motor Control     Servo controller control
7   Tension Control   Tension control sensor, PLC control
8   Dimension   2600x1800x1900mm
9   Coils Range  12mm-20mm


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