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Multilayer EVOH Oxygen Barrier Pipe Extrusion Machine Tested before Delivery
18 April 2022

Oxygen Barrier Pipe Extrusion Machine Tested Befor DeliveryOne more EVOH oxygen barrier pipe extrusion line is tested in April 15, 2022. This line is used to produce five layer PB/EVOH oxygen barrier pipes.PB pipe is short of Polybutylene pipe. The production speed for five layer PERT/EVOH pipe line can be up to 60m/min with a fully auto coiling system. KAIDE has most advanced technology and plenty practical experience for that EOVH oxygen barrier pipe extrusion machines, both for three layer and five layer type, for that PERT/EVOH pipe, PEX/EVOH pipe, PB/EVOH Pipe and PA/EVOH pipes etc.

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