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China EVOH PERT Pipe Machine

The China EVOH PERT Pipe Machine is a new design, through excellent processing technology and high-quality raw materials, the performance of China EVOH PERT Pipe Machine up to a higher standard. We are perfect for every detail of the China EVOH PERT Pipe Machine, guarantee the quality level, so as to bring you the perfect product experience. KAIDE PLASTICS MACHINERY is a professional China China EVOH PERT Pipe Machine manufacturer and supplier, if you are looking for the best China EVOH PERT Pipe Machine with low price, consult us now!
  • Oxygen Barrier EVOH PERT Pipe Production Line| EVOH PE-RT Pipe Machine
    Those multilayer EVOH oxygen barrier pipe production line are used to produce 5 layer or 3 layer type PERT/EVOH oxygen barrier pipes. There are several speed models for your option, the highest speed is up to 50m/min.
    The PERT pipes with oxygen barrier are designed for underfloor heating system. They are co-extruded with 3 or 5 layers of material, giving it significant strength. For 3-layer oxygen barrier pipe structure is inner PERT, middle adhesive, and outer oxygen barrier. For 5 layer oxygen barrier pipe structure is inner PERT, adhesive, oxygen barrier layer, and outer PERT layer.
    With all advantages of PERT pipes, this floor heating pipe can effectively prevent oxygen permeating into the heating system, and thereby eliminate bacteria growth inside the pipes to ensure clean water and better sanitation, as well as protect the metal parts in the sytem from oxidization to ensure a much longer service life.

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