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Peroxide Cross-Linking PE-Xa Pipe Production Line| Pexa Pipe Machine

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes used in hot water supply are required for high mechanical strength and high creep resistance at high temperature. PEXa pipes which are made by peroxide cross-linking have better performance, such as creep resistance and thermal shock resistance than the pipes made by other cross-kinking method.
Finished PEXa pipe can be coated with EVOH oxygen barrier and other protection layer, by another separate extrusion line, to get a 3 layer PEXa EVOH oxygen barrier pipe or 5 layer PEXa EVOH oxygen barrier pipes.
The three layer PEXa oxygen barrier pipe strucrues are: PEXa pipe, adhesive layer, and outer EVOH oxygen barrier layer. However the five PEXa oxygen barrier pipe structures are: inner PEXa pipe, adhesive layer, Middle EVOH oxygen barrier pipe, Adhesive layer, and outer PE protection layer.
  • KDXA-40


Product Description

Peroxide Cross linking PEXa Pipe Making Machine

PEX-a pipe is produced by the peroxide (Engel ) method. This method performs "hot" cross-linking, above the crystal melting point. The pex tubing industry consider this tubing superior because the crosslinking is done during the manfuacturing process when polyethylene is in this amorphic state(above the crystalline melting point).

peroxide cross-linking PEXa pipe making machine

Technical Date of Pipe Production Line:

Line Model Ram Extruder Production Scope Production Speed
KDXA-40  SJC-25 16-32mm 20m/min

Features of Pipe Production Line:

pexa pipe machine ram extruder    pexa pipe production machine

1)High strength material made crank-rod structure, ensuring machine working reliability and durability.

ABB brand converter to control material feeding; directly adjust on main PLC system

High quality stainless steel material made hopper

Cylinder driven by AC motor, China top quality brand; connected by high ware resistance belt.


 2) Special designed tip and die mould for PEXa pipe making; Processed and manufactured by imported CNC machinery to ensure the precision degree, and produced pipe diameter and thickness accuracy.

Tip heating system is special designed, with conduction oil. Oil temperature is set on main PLC.And with pressure displace gauge, and also control valves.

Due to PEXa material speciality, tip and die mould surfaces are special treated, to reduce friction force.


3)Cooling tank and haul-off machine are designed as in integration, saving space and easy to operate.

 Cooling tank body material is made high stainless steel

Haul-off machine driven by AC motor, with ABB brand converter; Separate control panel for operation convenience.

Using SICK brand encoder, and AUTONICS brand length metering system, with alarm and length auto marking to get exact required coil length.

 pexa pipe machine  cheap pipe coiler

4) Polish rod type traversing system; easy to operate

Coil reel structure is very simple; inner coil size is fixed, which is designed as per customer requirement or factory standard.

PEXa EVOH Oxygen Barrier Pipe Co-extrusion Machine

PEXa oxygen barrier pipe   pexa oxygen barrier pipe making machine

EVOH oxygen barrier layer can be offered also, with co-extrusion technology. 

EXa/EVOH composite pipe is produced by two separate steps. first is singly layer PEXa pipe, produced by raw extruder; second is that outer EVOH oxygen barrier layer coating and adhesive layer, produced by co-extrusion die head with two extruders.

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